Month: October 2021

Vizsense - Apexon Computer Vision Analytics Platform

VizSense – Apexon Computer Vision Analytics Platform

In today’s digital era, the ability to analyze unconventional data and make sense out of it is key.

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Insights On Security Issues

Sean Narayanan, CEO of Apexon, shares insights on security issues in mobile banking in a Business Today article.

The mandate of the new digital factory is to improve consumer experience by digitizing the product processes for retail

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Chat with Sean Narayanan

Fireside Chat with Sean Narayanan, CEO & Board Member, Apexon | Digital Transformation Leaders

As part of the ‘Digital Transformation Leaders’ series, Express Computer had the opportunity to talk to industry veteran

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AI Revolutionizing - Apexon News

AI Revolutionizing A Post-Pandemic Era For Financial Institutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other transformational technologies like Data Science are being rapidly adopted across industries.

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