Month: February 2022

Increased data availability for America’s largest telecom network provider resulted in a 35% reduction in data quality issues

Discover how we helped America’s largest telecom network provider increase their data storing and distribution capabilities from 250 TB to 1.9 PB and enable 95% data availability to improve their data management processes while reducing costs.

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Digital Engineering Services

Digital Engineering Services Firms Apexon and Infostretch Agree to Merge

Combination will create a premier digital engineering services company and extend leadership in financial services, healthcare and life sciences

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Digital Services- Apexon News

Digital services co Apexon says growth rate has surged

Sean Narayanan, CEO of digital technology services firm Apexon, said the company’s growth rate has surged over the past two years to 18-20%, from the 5-6% it was doing in the preceding years.

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