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Avery Lyford

Chief Customer Officer

As a founding member of the IBM x86 server team, Avery ran product management and helped the business scale to $1B+ in revenue.

Mr. Lyford specializes in the rapid, profitable scaling of businesses.

Subsequently he joined McKinsey & Co where he focused on the factors for successful business launch and ramp and served as the CEO of two venture-backed startups focused on virtualization and cloud storage. With a partner he analyzed the “Blueprint to a Billion” success pattern for the 4% of IPOs that grew to $1B+ in revenue.

In addition to his role at Apexon, Avery is Chairman of Qubell (accelerated software deployment) and on the Board of GoGrid (Cloud-based Big Data/Analytics). Avery has a BS in Mechanical Engineering; an MS in Computer Engineering; and is an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School.


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