vipul jani

Vipul Jani

Managing Director - India
Vipul has more than 22 years of IT experience. Apart from being instrumental in managing overall operations, he has scripted the organizational growth by ensuring achievement of shared goals and objectives, execution of the business plan and mentoring team members.

Vipul Jani manages all India operations at Apexon

For the past several years, his focus has been to digitize our internal processes, tools and to bring cultural change by spearheading continuous employee engagement and performance. He has played a pivotal role in creating a unique culture at Apexon which is driven by values, transparency and respect for all.

Prior to joining Apexon, Vipul was the founder of Mirage Softtech, where he used his unique techno-commercial experience to lead and motivate high potential teams and tenure high quality deliverables to their clients. Vipul holds an MS in Computer Science from Utah State University and BS in Computer Engineering from Gujarat University. He is an avid trekker and nature enthusiast.