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Turning Big Data to Bigger Insight

The success of any data science project depends on the quality of the data. The lack of quality data can lead to inaccurate insights, and when used to train AI applications, bad data can insert fatal flaws in your algorithms. Apexon empowers enterprises to unlock the true potential of big data with processing tools and frameworks that drive better business intelligence, innovation, and lower ownership costs.

Data Lake Implementation

Derive instant business intelligence by supporting large volumes of raw data from various sources in a central Big Data repository.
  • Metadata tagging and cataloging
  • Data lake governance
  • Algorithm-driven and real-time analytics

Data Ingestion – Pipeline Development

Enable the flow of data across the enterprise to process large-volumes of information, dissolve silos, and facilitate easy cloud storage.
  • Retrieve and standardize data
  • Manage alterations, data load, and relevant metrics
  • Ingest data from different data sources (classical RDBMS, Postgres, Oracle, Teradata, etc.) to the Hadoop distributed file system
  • Process both unstructured and structured data

Enterprise Data Hub

Connect new data sources with multiple systems, integrate various data types, and analyze fresh data faster than traditional digital warehouses.
  • Integrate with existing digital warehouse or data lake
  • Replication & changed data capture (CDC)
  • Publishes & subscribes to data source messages

Big Data Platform Consultation

Choose the platforms and analytics tools that manage your current and future enterprise data infrastructure needs.
  • Streaming Data Management - IBM Infosphere Stream Storm / Apache S4
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • ETL, Data Integration, and NoSQL

Engineering A Difference, With Data

Develop a highly scalable and powerful analytics system that’s capable of storing, processing, and delivering insights from high-volume data streams.



Apexon In Action

Find out how Apexon lets organizations harness the power of big data to make faster and more insight-driven business decisions.


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Discover how this healthcare firm optimized the readmission process with accurate forecasts and a unique analytics dashboard


A Single View Of The Entire Revenue Cycle

Using a 4 quadrant model, this RCM billing service provider revamped its financial insights dashboard for richer, more actionable intelligence.


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