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A Day in the Life of Anu Suppiah: Salesforce Business Analyst

A Day in the Life of Anu Suppiah: Salesforce Business Analyst

As a Salesforce Business Analyst, I work directly with clients by documenting requirements for proper and efficient Salesforce implementations. I implement specific configurations to offer our clients a specific solution to smoothly conduct their business processes.

If you’re looking to expand your skill set by producing solutions to overcome business challenges, you may be interested in bringing your talents to Apexon’s fast-paced and exciting work environment.

Read on for more insight into what it’s like to work here as a Salesforce Business Analyst.

My Daily Schedule

To start my days, I take part in a daily stand up meeting with my internal team and the client that we are currently working with.

Internally, we discuss what tasks need to be completed for the day along with any support that may be needed.

With the client, my team and I provide demos of what we have configured for them to move forward on any new updates or requirements they have for us to envision the end goal.

For the rest of the day, we take those requirements and document them into user stories, which we then assign to Salesforce Developers while offering any support and or feedback.

Favorite Part of the Job: The Impact We Make

I love being allowed to think outside the box. When I am speaking with a client who is struggling with the functionality of their Salesforce organization, I am excited to jump in head first and provide them with the best solutions possible for their needs.

I truly look forward to helping clients in the long run in providing them with the best tools and knowledge to fully utilize their Salesforce experience.

The Apexon Difference – Freedom to Grow

One major thing that makes this role so unique is that we are given flexibility to explore different areas of the practice and expand on our skill set.

For example, I had been doing a lot of explorative and analytical work with our clients, but recently our Solution Architects and Practice Directors have given me the chance to work on pre-sales work, which gives me the experience to work with the client before the deal is even closed.

At Apexon, we can try on different hats and experience new things not only without limitation, but with encouragement.

My Biggest Tip for Getting Into This Role – Preparation is Key

Along with becoming a Salesforce Business Analyst comes obtaining all of the required certifications, such as administrative exams. Shadowing a BA who has already taken and properly completed the required exam is essential. Seeing what kind of work and configurations they do can light your path within this role, especially in those beginning stages.

By exploring more about the role itself, you will learn all about the challenges that may be presented within the world of Salesforce. You will feel more prepared on what to do and what not to do. Having a solid mentor goes a long way!

Consider Finding A Home At Apexon

We’re currently looking to hire folks who see themselves thriving here. Learn more about our open roles.

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