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Technical Excellence Program: A Different Kind of Software Bootcamp

Technical Excellence Program: A Different Kind of Software Bootcamp

I believe that anyone with strong critical thinking skills and a deep interest in computer science can become a great software engineer, given the right training and opportunities.

Too often, though, people who fit that bill run into a major obstacle when they apply for a job opening: most companies highly prefer software development candidates with seven to 10 years of experience, which can make it tough to break into this field.

That’s why Apexon launched the Technical Excellence Program, a bootcamp designed to train the next generation of exceptional software engineers that draws candidates from all backgrounds. No college degree or coding experience is required to apply. We’re just looking for people who are hungry to learn and ready to solve dynamic problems for our clients.

Read on for more details about the Technical Excellence Program and to find out whether you might be a good fit.

The Backstory: Providing the Support for Aspiring Developers I Wish I Had Early in My Career

I didn’t have a linear path to software engineering myself. I started a chain of pizza places and tried my hand at being a stockbroker before I realized I needed to find something that I was actually good at and passionate about.

Knowing I wanted to make a change, I took aptitude tests, took a course in coding, and began to consider software engineering in earnest. The more I learned, the more sure I was that it was the career I wanted to pursue.

Software developers were in high demand with limited supply back in 1999, so I found a job pretty easily, but I had no idea what I was doing. I had to figure everything out on my own. Technical Excellence Program is the class I wish I had before setting out on my career as a developer.

The Project: Training Software Developers for Excellence

This project was born out of my first meeting with CEO Rutesh Shah and COO Manish Mathuria, the co-founders of Apexon – the company that acquired Apexon in 2021. We were talking about our business philosophies, and Rutesh shared that one of the success factors he cares about most is meaningful employee development.

This really resonated with me and aligned with my interest in hiring software engineers who have had trouble finding work. This might include someone who lost their job due to the pandemic, someone who left the workforce to raise a family, or someone whose only professional experience is working at a coffee shop.

I believe that all of these people might have what it takes to be an excellent developer, but they haven’t yet gotten an opportunity. Rutesh and Manish agreed, so we created the Technical Excellence program to train them.

Our Approach: Teach Best Practices for Success

Coding languages have evolved over time, but many core principles of software engineering haven’t.

One of these is the importance of continuous improvement, both in coding and in teamwork. In the Technical Excellence Program, we won’t just teach you to code – we’ll teach you how to think like an engineer and give you the tools you need to start on your own journey of continuous improvement.

Over the course of the program, we’ll teach you to think critically so that you can solve the problem before you choose the language to express the solution. You’ll have opportunities to shadow a team, ask for client feedback, and lead the direction of your assignments. On this journey, we take a team-based approach to teach trainees how to be a highly effective member of a self-managing team. We’ll also show you how to build a strong relationship with clients.

Once you have the confidence to tackle a variety of coding problems and work with clients, you’ll have the experience you need to be successful at just about any developer job and contribute to excellence within your organization and beyond.

Technical Excellence Program Seeks Talent and Ambition, Not Credentials

Maybe you’re a woman looking to pivot to software engineering, but you’re intimidated by the male-dominated industry. Or maybe you’ve started to learn how to code on your own, but you haven’t gotten the chance to work with a client yet.

Both of these profiles would be a great fit for our Technical Excellence Program. We created the program for people who have the desire and aptitude to become developers, even if they don’t think they have the right background.

We want people who are…

  • Logical thinkers.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Team players.
  • Passionate about computer science and technology.
  • Interested in a range of clients, projects, and roles.

If that sounds like you, then you might be just who we’re looking for.

Get in Touch to Learn About Joining Our Next Class

If you’re still reading and feel excited about getting your start in software engineering, we’d love to hear from you.

We accept applications to the Technical Excellence Program on a rolling basis. If you’d like more information about the program, set up some time to talk to our HR team.

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