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Eliminating Digital Debt for National Restaurant Chain

Eliminating Digital Debt for National Restaurant Chain


In 2012, a national restaurant chain was acquired by a Private Equity company. This buyout created an opportunity for the chain to invest in a long-term strategic plan to improve their operations and enhance their guests’ experiences. Apexon was approached to lead this initiative and help the client identify potential technological investments to enhance their digital presence.


The chain’s investment plan had been based primarily on the development of an app, but Apexon was able to clearly illustrate that what the client actually needed was a new mobile-friendly eCommerce site to facilitate their digital marketing campaign.

When Apexon first began the project, it was clear that the client was investing in applications and IT initiatives that were unrealistic and unprofitable. A large portion of their budget was allocated for the development of a mobile application, which was unnecessary, and a critical amount of time and resources were being spent on systems that were not being used.


Using Apexon’s JointStrike™ tool, statistics and data were uncovered, and further research was conducted. Apexon downloaded and examined multiple dining applications. During which, they tested the applications’ features by making reservations through the app, dining at the establishments, and ordering carry out through the app. By doing so, they were able to understand what features worked best, what features did not, what features were lacking, and how to incorporate them into the client’s mobile site. Apexon led Vision Workshops to create profiles for key demographic users, thereby helping the client become a result-oriented organization, that looked to data and evidence when investing in future initiatives.

JointStrike™ is an in-depth diagnostic that uncovers organizational issues which can impede progress and value creation. The assessment is benchmarked against best practices, industry trends, and relevant outliers. It provides valuable insight within a comparative context.


Over 70,000 new members

90 days after the launch of the client’s loyalty platform the client saw a massive increase in new members.

67% increase of opened emails

Significant increase of customers opening advertisement emails sent by the client compared to the previous year.

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