1. / CXWatch – Integrated Customer Experience Monitoring

CXWatch – Integrated Customer Experience Monitoring

Customer experience (CX) continues to be a major driver of digital change for businesses throughout the world. The ways in which businesses respond to customer needs are changing. The modern organization must leverage data collected at every digital touchpoint to redefine how it attracts, nurtures, and retains customers over time.

Customer experience monitoring has been accomplished by combining analytics tools and user experience analytics technologies and looking for correlations. Analysts typically assess application and IT metrics, user-related metrics, as well as influencing factors such as competition in an industry and developments, to enable end-to-end Customer Experience transformation and deliver value at speed for both organizations and their consumers.

At Apexon, we recognize the growing importance of a customer-centric strategy and have developed a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable platform to help companies start their CX transformation journey. We assist you in “making the connection,” that really is, linking current and future efforts to a larger CX vision while also measuring results on a real-time basis.

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