1. / A Healthcare Analytics Firm Automates Recruitment for Exceptional Talent Acquisition

Data analysis is one of the most sought-after skill sets in today’s enterprise landscape, with thousands of organizations competing to hire the cream of the talent pool. As a healthcare analytics provider, the customer needed to ensure that their talent acquisition and hiring protocols matched the scale of their business needs while keeping costs to a reasonable limit.

One of the customer’s key objectives was to revamp their current onboarding process for greater efficiency and consistency. The aim was to increase candidate engagement and retention while developing a process that consumed fewer resources and accurately assigned candidates to specific projects. 


Besides the complications involved in streamlining the existing infrastructure without disrupting the hiring flow, Apexon specialists are discovered that:

  • The existing onboarding process operated with too many workflows that required manual intervention between candidates, recruiters, and managers
  • The customer did not have any document parsing tools nor any automated notifications or workflow triggers

To address the customer’s requirements, we leveraged Salesforce CRM capabilities to build and implement a contingent workforce system that:

  • Tailored new hiring processes to meet the requirements specific to the received work input format
  • Used a personalized SF domain that managed user access by using the in-built SF security layer
  • Integrated Docusign to enable e-signatures, while Rchilli integration facilitated resume parsing and semantic matching
  • Established a roadmap to expanded capabilities including Salesforce API-integration and potential SF Community User network upgrades

At the close of the project, Apexon was able to deliver the following features and upgrades to the customer’s hiring and talent processing systems:

  • Documentation of all manual processes by user-profile
  • Usage of page automation to create stand-alone pages that mimic the existing business workflow for each of the user profiles
  • Deployment of in-built SF email features to enable automated notifications and triggers for all users
  • Digital signature implementation at all user profile levels
  • Faster resume parsing and screening using semantic analysis and matching
  • Customer reporting infrastructure

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