1. / US Healthcare Payer Launches Hybrid App and Adds 100K+ New Users

As the healthcare landscape rapidly evolves, payers must reimagine themselves to deliver better quality healthcare services and improve customer experiences. The customer, a Michigan-based payer, wanted to expand their active user base and improve engagement with its 1 million policy members by being available on multiple channels. They also needed to be compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements while improving stakeholder collaboration and enhancing user access and security.


Exhaustive scrutiny of the customer’s existing processes exposed various challenges like:

  • Slack in member registration that impaired the growth of active user base 
  • Lack of adequate engagement with policy members
  • Non-availability on multiple channels

By adopting a design thinking approach, Apexon worked with the customer to come up with wide-ranging member convenience solutions that included:

  • Building a hybrid mobile app supporting multiple devices and form factors 
  • Ensuring compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements (PHI, PII & HIPPA)
  • Defining clear SLAs and KPIs for successful delivery 
  • Automating the regression tests for better and faster releases
  • Investing in performance engineering to ensure the app scales for the expected load
  • DevOps with continuous integration and test automation
  • Leveraging CoEs and industry best practices
  • Releasing an MVP version within 3 months
  • Executing the project’s first release with an average team size of 19 FTEs for 9 months 
  • Delivering the project in 80:20 offshore to onsite ratio 
  • Delivering production releases with new features every 2 months

With managed services and an outcome-based delivery model, Apexon was able to deliver a host of business benefits, including:

  • Over 50% improvement in system response time which enhanced time-to-market 
  • Multiple form factors resulting in better customer experience
  • Expansion of the user base to 100K+ new users 
  • 250K+ mobile app downloads
  • Integrations of 80+ web services and automation of 600+ test sequences
  • Enhanced User Access and Security
  • Adherence to UI guidelines and Data Encryption Standards
  • Compliance with HIPAA guidelines
  • Integration with the legacy systems impacting the API performance

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