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Image and Video Analytics Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Image and Video Analytics led Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

As businesses transition from the effects of the pandemic to the new normal, Enterprises are looking for AI based automation & ways to improve efficiency and reliability of their manufacturing processes.

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trends in healthcare 2022

5 Key Trends in Healthcare Digital Transformation in 2022

Digital transformation is rapidly redefining the sector by delivering relevant insights in real-time and transforming the healthcare industry’s system to operate at a macro level.

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digital banking era

5 Ways to Develop Trust in the Age of Digital Banking

In the light of the pandemic’s acceleration of online transactions, it’s more important than ever to create a trusting relationship between the customer and the bank.

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cloud data warehouse

Cloud data warehouse and its benefits for organizations

In the digital age of commerce, practically all modern businesses rely on data. By utilizing a data-centric approach they lay the groundwork for rapid improvements and accurate decision making.

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The Value of Conducting a Customer Experience Audit

Happy and happy clients who will stick to you in the long term are the ultimate goal, right? This necessitates the optimal customer experience!

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Reimagining HR with Chatbots and Analytics

In its AI at Work 2019 study, Oracle reported that 64% of people trusted robots more than their managers – a testimony to how AI is transforming the relationship between technology and people at work.

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5 Predictions for AI in the Manufacturing Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled a new surge of applications across industries like healthcare, insurance, logistics, and retail. But its impact has completely changed manufacturing as we knew it.

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4 Ways That AI Is Improving the Customer Experience

Climbing up the hype chart of technology application across domains, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has established itself as an ideal route to innovating digital experiences and transforming business as usual.

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Role of Video Analytics in Tomorrow’s Smart Cities

While urbanization accelerates across the globe, smart cities are facing the new-found challenge of traffic congestion and increasing crime rates.

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The Role of Conversational AI in Amplifying Customer Experience

Fundamentally, the way enterprises interact with customers has changed. It is no more a set of punched-in numbers or even keywords.

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