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Automation of a Leading Financial Services Provider’s Credit Application Submission Process across Platforms

Automation of a Seamless Integration of Dealer Track for Credit Application Submission Process Consolidation for a Leading Financial Services Provider

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Increased data availability for America’s largest telecom network provider resulted in a 35% reduction in data quality issues

Discover how we helped America’s largest telecom network provider increase their data storing and distribution capabilities from 250 TB to 1.9 PB and enable 95% data availability to improve their data management processes while reducing costs.

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A large container operator implements centralized data warehouse to improve data quality by 30%

Learn how we assisted a Danish business conglomerate with activities in the transport, logistics and energy sectors to implement a centralized Data warehouse to improve their data quality, analyze the business trend and performance.

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A major US bank holding company reduced data anomaly and mismatch errors by 60%.

Discover how we aided a leading US bank holding company headquartered in Michigan with capability enhancements that ensure a long-term process that reduces data anomaly and mismatch errors, improves operations, and mitigates risks.

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Emergency Department – Coding Improvement

Learn how we assisted a leading revenue cycle management services company in the United States in identifying opportunities to improve documentation while also modifying and automating its reconciliation and quality procedures.

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US-based Physicians Group Improves ROI

US-based Physicians Group Improves ROI by 6X

Learn how we helped a large physicians group based in the US use deep learning models to improve error identification by 3x and reduce financial leakage by 40%.

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German Automaker- Apexon

German Automaker Labels 12M Objects per Annum from Street Videos

Discover how we helped a German engineering firm automate video labeling for their autonomous vehicle project to identify street objects and their location with over 82% accuracy.

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Retirement Benefits Calculator

Financial Advisor Gets Retirement Benefits Calculator to Predict Over 30 Years Ahead

Discover how we helped a financial advisor offering online investment advice evaluate the feasibility of their retirement plans 30 years into the future.

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Asset Management Firm

Asset Management Company Analyzes Churn to Retain 50% of Passive Customers

Discover how we helped an asset management company analyzes its high churn rate to identify opportunities for customer retention and improve CSAT

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An EMS Firm Recovers More than 50-Savings

An EMS Firm Recovers More than 50% Savings in FTE

Learn how we helped an emergency medical services company automate their claims generation leading to up to 50% reduction in audit efforts and overall improvement in quality and accuracy

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