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German Automaker- Apexon

German Automaker Labels 12M Objects per Annum from Street Videos

Discover how we helped a German engineering firm automate video labeling for their autonomous vehicle project to identify street objects and their location with over 82% accuracy.

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Fortune 10 Automotive

A Fortune 10 Automotive Company Eliminates Data Errors by 98%

Learn how we helped one of the world’s leading automotive companies build a complete hierarchy management system to reduce errors in accounting reports by 98%

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Automotive OEM Gets Accurate Video Labelling

Automotive OEM Gets Accurate Video Labelling for Autonomous Vehicles

Find out how Apexon helped Germany’s most well-known automotive OEM drive more value in the smart mobility sector with video labelling

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Automotive and Manufacturing Industry

Automotive Leader Boosts SAP Processes 7x

See how we helped a global leader in the automotive industry enrich their SAP infrastructure and enhance SAP BW processes by 7x

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