Category: Technology

An ED Company Leverages Automation to Improve Audit Efforts by 50%

Learn how we helped an emergency department company automate their coding and billing operations, streamline their workflows, and bring in 40% savings in FTE

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A Multinational Tech Company Creates a Single Repository for its Global Tax Needs

Learn how we helped a multinational computer technology company integrate 26 different sources into a single repository for their global tax reporting needs

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French Container Shipping Company Reduces Data Failure Issues by 75%

Learn how we helped a French container transportation and shipping company build a comprehensive data pipeline to improve data quality and reduce data failure issues by 75%

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American Telecom Company Builds a Data Hub to Take on Load of 2.8 PB

Learn how we helped an American telecom company build a centralized data hub to monitor performance in near real-time while taking on incremental loads of 2.8 PB

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Global Tech Giant Exponentially Increases Customer Reach with Cloud-based Apps

Discover how we helped a global tech conglomerate maximize customer reach across geographies with a cloud-based multilingual catalog app

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