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Apexon and Infostretch Complete Merger

Combination creates digital engineering services powerhouse and scales capabilities in financial services, healthcare and technology sectors

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Digital Engineering Services

Digital Engineering Services Firms Apexon and Infostretch Agree to Merge

Combination will create a premier digital engineering services company and extend leadership in financial services, healthcare and life sciences

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Digital Services- Apexon News

Digital services co Apexon says growth rate has surged

Sean Narayanan, CEO of digital technology services firm Apexon, said the company’s growth rate has surged over the past two years to 18-20%, from the 5-6% it was doing in the preceding years.

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Immersive Customer Experiences

Immersive Customer Experiences Will Set Brands Apart: Apexon CEO

Sean Narayanan, Chief Executive Officer at Apexon explains how immersive customer experience is becoming a key differentiator for brands as featured in

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Digital shift in the medical space

Sean Narayanan, CEO, Apexon in an interaction with Express Healthcare talks about a shift in healthcare industry..

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Connected Vehicle trend catches on, ADAS needs proper rollout plan in India

In our increasingly digitized world, the connected vehicle trend may be bigger than what meets the eye.

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Insights On Security Issues

Sean Narayanan, CEO of Apexon, shares insights on security issues in mobile banking in a Business Today article.

The mandate of the new digital factory is to improve consumer experience by digitizing the product processes for retail

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Chat with Sean Narayanan

Fireside Chat with Sean Narayanan, CEO & Board Member, Apexon | Digital Transformation Leaders

As part of the ‘Digital Transformation Leaders’ series, Express Computer had the opportunity to talk to industry veteran

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AI Revolutionizing - Apexon News

AI Revolutionizing A Post-Pandemic Era For Financial Institutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other transformational technologies like Data Science are being rapidly adopted across industries.

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The tech job market is red hot; it may remain so for 1-2 years

The Covid-19 pandemic had a dramatic impact on the technology industry – one that almost nobody anticipated.

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