Understand how & where digital can add the greatest value to your business

Digital Strategy Consulting


Companies around the globe are investing in digital to reimagine business models, rethink process workflows, modernize customer engagement, and create sustainable competitive advantage.

The opportunities are limitless, but capitalizing can be a challenge due to the lack of a cohesive strategy, limited digital expertise, complex integration challenges, and budget constraints. At the same time, businesses that are slow to respond to the digital opportunity can find themselves at a significant competitive disadvantage and run the risk of losing customers, market share, and profits.

Digital Strategy Services


Whether you are trying to take your digital initiatives to the next level, or just getting started, our Digital Strategy services can help you focus your project goals and put the right capabilities in place to trial, develop, test, deploy and scale your digital efforts.

We offer a comprehensive set of digital strategy services that enable you take advantage of the latest digital technologies in ways that optimize your business and disrupt your competition without disrupting your operations.


Take stock of your digital capabilities and opportunities and lay out a clear path forward.

Apexon Digital Blueprint services assess an organization’s digital maturity level and provide specific action plans based on short- and long-term business opportunities, key market drivers, industry best practices, and regulatory considerations. The Blueprint outlines Digital Roadmaps and Priorities aligned to your business goals.

Services include:

  • Digital maturity assessments
  • Customer use cases
  • Digital roadmaps

Value assessment
& Creation

Identify new opportunities where digital can create new value, optimize existing business processes, and lay the foundation to drive innovation for the business in the future.

Apexon Value Assessment & Creation includes research, assessment, and identification of opportunities to apply new insights or technologies to existing products, services, or operational processes. The result is the delivery of incremental value for businesses and their end-users.

Services include:

  • Business analysis
  • Industry trend analysis
  • Enterprise architecture assessment and design

Business Process

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of current business processes and address specific pain points to optimize performance and service levels.

Apexon Business Process Intelligence helps organizations analyze, design and align current processes, systems, and resources to support the goals of the business.

Services include:

  • Process architecture design
  • Integration architecture mapping
  • Process documentation, mapping, and optimization
  • Process identification and assessment for automation or technology enablement
  • Process metrics and measurement

Product Strategy

Accelerate the delivery of new digital products, services and platforms, and differentiate your brand in the market by getting digital right from the start.

Apexon Product Strategy services help businesses excel in digital product development. We equip you with the optimal processes and tools to deliver new software and service updates quickly and efficiently, take full advantage of data analytics to continuously improve processes and performance, and increase user adoption and engagement.

Services include:

  • Conception
  • Co-Innovation
  • New product/Service launch
  • User centric design approach
  • Outcome-driven development
  • Product blueprinting and workshops

Agile Transformation

Transform the way you design, develop and test digital initiatives to deliver them faster and more efficiently while delivering higher service levels.

Apexon Agile Transformation services help delivery organizations advance Agile practices and methodologies and adoption. Using modern techniques such as ‘planning poker,’ ‘backlog refinement,’ ‘sprints’ and Agile ‘squads,’ we help organizations speed cycle time and respond more flexibly to changing market dynamics.

Services include:

  • Agile maturity assessment
  • Agile roadmap/priorities
  • Tool selection
  • Operational considerations
  • Time to market impacts
  • ROI opportunities
  • Cost implications

Labs as-a-service

Explore new digital ideas, build the business case for investment, and reduce cycle time to prototype, experiment and test new use cases.

Apexon Lab-as-a-Service supports your innovation efforts by enabling you to prototype and test your digital ideas more quickly and thoroughly without having to invest in infrastructure and tools. We help translate business objectives to well-defined initiatives — from ideation and co-innovation, to advanced prototyping and testing. Companies can see results and get valuable feedback in as little as 3 to 6 weeks (vs. 6 months), speeding cycle time and informing further investment decisions.