Lifecycle Management


Atlassian JIRA

Atlassian’s highly configurable issue tracker

Adding QMetry to JIRA provides the best possible JIRA test case management solution. The integration improves the collaboration between QA and development to allow for faster test and release of projects. The JIRA integration is FREE to all QMetry Customers.

The integration enables users to have seamless access to QMetry Test Cases and Requirements directly from their JIRA interface. Without leaving JIRA, users can quickly review or drill in to see a detailed view of testing activity including the status per step, platforms tested, and the Test Suites that were run. This is done by using 2 powerful features: Activity Streams and Remote Linking. Using these features, developers always know the latest Testing Status without leaving JIRA; and the associated import and syncing capabilities enable product teams to achieve 100% Test coverage.

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Agile project management tool

RALLY Software uses Agile and lean practices to assist organizations through the software development process. With a dedicated focus on Agile techniques, Rally helps software organizations of all sizes incrementally adopt practices that shorten their Development Cycles and collaborate across distributed teams and silos.

Salient Features
  • Import Rally user stories into QMetry (you must configure Rally as a Requirements Tracker)
  • Link defects to QMetry Requirements and/or Test Cases
  • View and edit defect details directly from QMetry
  • Specify the field mapping between Rally and QMetry
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Defects Management



Popular free web-based bug tracking system

QMetry comes with an out of the box integration with Mantis. The combined package makes software testing a seamless experience for QA teams.

Users can link existing issue with QMetry requirement and test cases . All information is automatically updated for all Mantis issues that are linked with QMetry entities. (Please note that Database Credentials might be required to link Mantis with QMetry)

Salient Features
  • Compelling Reports and Metrics
  • Link Defects to test cases and/or Requirements
  • View Defects from Test Suites


Hosted bug tracking software

QMetry integrated right out-of-the-box with the popular defect tracking capabilities of FogBugz. The combined package makes software testing a seamless experience for QA teams.

Users can create bugs directly from QMetry Test Executions automatically copying all the test case details- including each step with its expected and actual results. The resulting Fogbugz issue is directly linked to the test case execution, as well as associated with the test case. Upon subsequent test case executions testers are able to see and link and/or update the existing issue rather than creating a duplicate issue.

QMetry can also search for issues in Fogbugz to import as requirements and/or test cases. This allows QA to create requirements based on issues in development. Users can search, update, and view defect reports directly from QMetry.

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Open-source bug tracking tool

QMetry has a powerful bi-directional integration with Bugzilla. This integration allows one to link to existing Bugzilla defects from current test cases and/or requirements. Further, one can add custom Bugzilla fields in QMetry, search for Bugzilla issues from QMetry and link test cases and requirements.

These powerful bi-directional integrations make testing breezy and uncluttered! And greatly helps in increasing the productivity of QA teams.

Salient Features
  • Create Bugzilla defects directly from QMetry
  • Link Defects to test cases and/or requirements
  • Compelling reports and metrics