1. / Immersive Customer Experiences Will Set Brands Apart: Apexon CEO

Immersive Customer Experiences Will Set Brands Apart: Apexon CEO

December 21, 2021

As consumer habits and preferences keep changing, it’s clear that the experience brands offer is what sets them apart. Studies have proved that eight out of 10 customers and businesses agreed that the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services. More brands are now leveraging digital technology to integrate personalized experiences across touch-points for greater customer appeal. A global report finds that around 76% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments when it comes to digital experience. Providing a seamless customer experience has become a key focus for industries such as BFSI, Healthcare and Government as it not only helps improve end user satisfaction, but also reduces time dependencies on employees.

How effectively can brands create immersive customer experiences? Which technologies according to you are driving CX efforts?

Customer Interactions today are in many cases, digital-first and it is imperative to provide immersive experiences to create a positive emotional connection to the brand. In fact, one can argue that brands don’t create customer experience, but it’s the customer experience that builds the brand. An immersive experience can happen via a web or mobile app, through a natural language interface like a speech bot, or through video or image and text analytics to understand customer needs better. Organizations that use these methods will enable multi-sensory customer experiences that will drive customer loyalty and advocacy, and lead to competitive differentiation. With the help of solutions that cater to analytics, insights, and visualization, we can enhance human experiences and build disruptive solutions.

We have seen many brands adopt a Cloud-native and mobile-first approach when designing systems that drive customer interactions. These systems effectively use the insights created from exabytes of data from customer interactions across different channels and touch-points, to transform customer relationships. Brands can now drive engagement by personalizing customer messaging and loyalty programs, smart recommendations based on customer behavior, and live chat. Advances in data science and Machine Learning enable new ways for automation, driving a better experience for both the business and the customer. Apexon is working towards embedding the idea of ‘human-first digital’ among companies. The idea behind this concept is to focus on people first and develop user-friendly solutions which benefit both the business and the customer.

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