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Infostretch and Unqork Partner to Enable No-Code Enterprise-Grade Application Development

Infostretch leverages Unqork’s no-code platform to help organizations build better quality software faster

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – July 27, 2021  Infostretch, a leader in digital engineering services, has partnered with Unqork, the leading enterprise no-code platform developer. The partnership combines the speed, performance and ease of use of the Unqork platform with Infostretch’s expertise in digital engineering to help enterprise customers accelerate application design, development and implementation.

No-code technology radically simplifies the process of building apps from design to execution, helping enterprises meet the growing demand for custom-built digital products. As effective software has become an urgent necessity for all enterprises,  more and more enterprises are turning to no-code and platforms like Unqork. By 2024, Gartner estimates* that low and no-code development will make up more than 65 percent of application development.

By harnessing Unqork’s intuitive, completely visual no-code platform, Infostretch’s customers will be able to develop and deliver apps with faster time to launch, improved quality and at a lower cost versus code-based methods. Unqork customers are able to launch complex solutions at least 3 times faster than coding methods and at a third of the cost. Unqork’s no-code platform also significantly reduces the amount of bugs in enterprise software, with up to 600 times fewer defects.

The partnership between Infostretch and Unqork enables enterprises to build applications of all sizes and complexities, and also modernize and digitize existing legacy systems. Specific capabilities resulting from the partnership also include the management of release processes,secure and effective deployment, higher quality and improved compliance. Unqork was designed specifically for enterprises in highly-regulated industries, making it a good fit for Infostretch’s customer base, which includes financial services and healthcare companies.

Infostretch recently implemented Unqork’s no-code platform at a leading investment bank, creating an application that facilitated collaboration between various roles and streamlined value acceleration for an underlying portfolio of companies. As a result of the implementation, the bank has accelerated its value creation process and benefited from significant efficiency gains including better resource utilization and improved cost management.

“As enterprises face continued pressure to digitize and modernize their operations, more and more are turning to no-code to fuel their digital transformations,” said Christian Barrera, Vice President, Alliances & Ecosystem, Unqork. “We’re excited to partner with Infostretch to help accelerate the adoption of Unqork, and help our joint customers bring new, higher-quality software to market faster and for less.”

Rutesh Shah, CEO and Co-founder of Infostretch said, “Digital businesses continuously need to evolve to maximize opportunities for growth and innovation. There’s a catch, though – software teams struggle to keep up with the twin demands of maintaining business as usual and innovating digital products, until now. Unqork’s radically simple no-code platform enables large enterprises to build custom, enterprise-grade software faster, with higher quality and at a lower cost.”

*Top 10 Application Predictions through 2025, Saniye Alaybeyi, Gene Alvarez, 12 May 2020

For more details about the partnership, visit /partners/infostretch-unqork/ or email

About Infostretch

Infostretch is a pure-play digital engineering services firm focused on helping companies accelerate their digital initiatives from strategy and planning through execution. We leverage deep technical expertise, Agile methodologies and data-driven intelligence to modernize systems of engagement and simplify human/tech interaction. We deliver custom solutions that meet customers’ technology needs wherever they are in their digital lifecycle. Backed by the Private Equity business within Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Everstone Capital, Infostretch works with both large enterprises and emerging innovators — putting digital to work to enable new products and business models, engage with customers in new ways, and create sustainable competitive differentiation.

About Unqork

Unqork is the industry pioneer no-code enterprise application platform that helps large companies build, deploy, and manage complex applications without writing a single line of code. Organizations like Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual, the Cities of New York, Chicago and Washington, DC and Maimonides Medical Center are using Unqork’s drag-and-drop interface to build enterprise applications faster, with higher quality, and lower costs than conventional approaches. To learn more, please visit