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Infostretch Partners with Tricentis for Data Integrity and Salesforce Testing

Infostretch to Leverage Tricentis’ Tosca, Data Integrity and qTest to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – July 22, 2020 – Infostretch a leader in digital engineering services, has partnered with Tricentis, the world’s #1 continuous testing platform, to simplify the often-complex challenge of testing in Salesforce environments. The partnership will combine Tricentis’ continuous testing solution, Tosca, and Infostretch’s digital engineering services to automate testing in a Salesforce environment, potentially saving teams hundreds of hours for test case creation and maintenance.

The combined capabilities of the two companies allows Salesforce QA to be integrated with CI/CD, executing automated tests as part of the Salesforce delivery pipeline. As a result, development and testing teams can expect a 90% improvement in test automation rates, a 50% reduction in testing cycle times and a decrease in regression testing times from weeks to minutes.

Beyond the Salesforce environment, Infostretch is partnering with Tricentis to leverage its end-to-end data testing solution for enterprises, data integrity, which uses automation to eliminate data integrity issues across an organization’s entire data landscape. Infostretch will also leverage qTest, Tricentis’ test management suite to help organizations release higher quality software, faster. Using Tricentis qTest, Infostretch’s services team will support development teams by unifying and organizing testing efforts across the organization and integrating testing into Agile and DevOps workflows.

Sean Thompson, SVP of Global Alliances at Tricentis commented, “Data integrity is arguably the biggest problem that enterprises don’t know they have. According to some estimates, it is costing enterprises $3.1 trillion to fix per annum – and it’s only going to get worse unless enterprises start tackling it proactively. That is why we are partnering with Infostretch, because their knowledge of Tricentis tools as well as their data engineering and cloud development expertise mean that organizations can set up data integrity systems – and continuous testing – the right way for long-term success.”

Ashok Karania, VP of Global Alliances & Strategic Accounts, said of the partnership, “Now more than ever, digital transformation initiatives are at the top or near the top of every organization’s agenda and the data and development teams are the tip of the spear. We understand the constant pressure they face to deliver high-quality digital outputs at speed. By bringing together our digital engineering expertise with Tricentis’ software, organizations now have a clear path ahead in simplifying and accelerating their digital initiatives.”

For more details about the partnership, visit /partners/tricentis-partnership/ or email For details on Salesforce Testing, visit /salesforce-testing/.

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