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Comprehensive Optimization Services for Mobility

10+ years defining, delivering and optimizing mobility initiatives
Experience working with all major carriers across the globe
Large repository of industry standard test cases and deep understanding of mobile user behavior
Robust analytics and trend analysis
Foundational tools for continuous improvement

Porting & Localization

As a mobile initiative grows, it may become necessary to support the same apps on multiple platforms in different geographies ad languages. Apexon enables enterprises to scale their apps on multiple platforms easily and prioritize porting efforts based on target users; regional adoption trends and specific app functionality.

Support & Upgrades

An app may go through an extended lifecycle with the addition of new features. This might require development and design support as well as testing on multiple devices and platforms. Apexon offers support and upgrades to accommodate any changes to apps and mobile services.

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring, troubleshooting and tuning performance is critical to any app’s long term viability. It is also important to prioritize business impact, conduct root cause analysis, and review all usage metrics to maintain service levels. Apexon offers robust tools to help monitor functionality, understand UX-related issues and help to troubleshoot with intelligent heuristics.

Frictionless Upgrades to the Latest Devices and OSs

Apps may be well designed for current business requirements, but the pace of change in mobile requires constant upkeep. The release of new devices and operating systems may require upgrades. The application might be deployed in the app store but still need to be tested for new and emerging use cases. Apexon offers post deployment services and tools to ensure optimal responsiveness across the latest devices and OSs. We also offer SLAs that guarantee compatibility with new devices and OS’s within 30 days of their release.
Frictionless Upgrades to the Latest Devices and OSs

Accelerated Rollout in New Geographies

As organizations rollout their mobile initiatives to new countries and regions, they run into unique requirements including different operating systems, devices, languages and legal considerations.
Apexon has extensive experience working with different carriers across the globe. We can handle all internationalization requirements including language, regional makes and models, devices and networks, regional customizations, product variations, branding and technology platforms.
Accelerated Rollout in New Geographies

Sustaining and Growing the Success of Mobility Initiatives

Apexon can put your continuous integration and delivery initiative in place in as little as 7-8 weeks with our JumpStart Program that leverages Jenkins and Selenium automation.
Leading Weight Management Organization

Apexon helped this market leader monitor and validate App Store reviews and quickly remediate user experience challenges. End user confidence and app usage increased and App Store reviews improved significantly.

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Apexon crafted an end-to-end mobile strategy for this financial services innovator. The solution accommodated easy integration into different enterprise financial systems around the world while accounting for multiple languages, devices, operating systems and other regional customizations.

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Luxury Automation

Apexon worked with this automaker to extend existing web applications to mobile to help its dealers optimize the customer experience while improving visibility into sales opportunities. After the initial launch, Apexon helped rollout mobile services in 36 different languages while addressing a variety of international requirements for customization.