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Deliver Perfect Mobile Experiences with Every Release
Apexon & Kobiton continuous delivery solutions

Kobiton is a new-age mobile device testing platform for quality-obsessed customers. Their fleet of real devices and flexible deployment options help QA and development teams create the perfect mobile experiences for their end-users.

Whether you need to expand device coverage with access to our public cloud, tame device chaos with their private and local cloud, connect your local on-premises devices – and even “on-desk” devices – along with any of our hundreds of devices to create a true hybrid cloud mobile testing platform or simply increase your team’s bandwidth using Kobiton automated health check feature, Kobiton has something for every team striving to create a memorable CX. Kobiton’s industry leading deployment capabilities allow you to recycle devices and “cloudify” them in a browser interface. All of this can be done with Kobiton’s proprietary software opposed to expensive server racks and hardware.

And Apexon’s custom-built solutions and frameworks help you to get the maximum benefit of Kobiton platform in the shortest possible span of time.

Apexon & KOBITON


Apexon and Kobiton are helping customers maximize the ROI of their digital initiatives by getting them to market faster and establishing a zero-defect mobile enterprise.

Leveraging Apexon’s extensive Digital and Mobile expertise and pre-built test frameworks for Kobiton market-leading test automation environment, users are reducing test cycle time and enhancing customer engagement and loyalty at the same time. Apexon is well versed with Kobiton’s new Intelligent Test Automation capabilities. ITA is the first solution on the market to allow mobile teams to create automated scripts in a low code fashion. More than simple record and playback, ITA is able to rerun your flow across any number of iOS and Android devices… all without manual intervention or maintenance.

Make it Agile – Reduce your regression cycles by 80%<

Make it Agile – Reduce your regression cycles by 80%

Seamless integration with CI, automation frameworks, and IDEs

Seamless integration with CI, automation frameworks, and IDEs

Accelerators and Predetermined bundles of test librarie

Prepackaged Services – Custom Frameworks, Accelerators and Predetermined bundles of test libraries

Apexon development & Kobiton test automation

Parallel execution between Apexon development & Kobiton test automation

Support for iOS, and Android

Support for iOS, and Android

Our partnership
The Benefits to You

Apexon is a premier level services and systems integrator for Kobiton, and we have developed deep expertise with the Kobiton Mobile Experience Platform and its test automation capabilities.

Apexon has built custom frameworks, certifications, and test case libraries for Kobiton.

Pre-built Solution Accelerators
Pre-built Solution

Quality Automation Framework

Expertise in Kobiton’s Intelligent Test Automation (ITA) offering

Programmatic Connectivity Accelerators to Kobiton Device Farm

Re-Usable Utilities & Helper Methods for Mobile, Web & API Automation

Pre-built Integrations

With ALM Tools like JIRA, popular CI-CD tools, Test Management Tools

20+ Certified Professionals
20+ Certified

Kobiton Certified Developer, Kobiton Certified Architect

Kobiton on-demand test automation environment for mobile
A winning combination

This joint approach provides organizations with a turnkey solution to jumpstart their digital test plans, reduce the time and cost of regression testing, enhance reusability, and accelerate time to market.

The combination of Kobiton’s comprehensive, on-demand test automation environment for mobile and Apexon’s expert business analysis, integration, and pre-built test frameworks help enterprises optimize their QA and testing processes, accelerate customer release cycles and ensure end-user acceptance and satisfaction. As a result, customers get maximum impact and ROI from their mobile initiatives – and they get it faster.

Working together


The Apexon – Kobiton partnership can benefit any organization that is focusing its business success on digital channels. We can help optimize their customers’ digital experience by automating and accelerating their testing and QA processes and delivering rich new feature sets faster.

Together we are helping clients in their entire test cycle, from test strategy & assessment to continuous testing enablement by integrating test automation in CI-CD pipelines. Our Automation Factory helps clients clear out the backlog of manual test cases. We help clients jumpstart their test automation activities by providing pilots and POCs in their environments as well as provide trainings.

Today, we are active together in the Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, eCommerce, Hospitality and Travel industries.