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AI-powered Solutions at Your Service

Leverage the expert competencies of Apexon’s Analytics and Insights Studio teams to make AI-powered platforms perform your most complex tasks. Plug revenue leakages, improve productivity and make insightful and accurate decisions with our proprietary platforms.


Our ApexEMS platform serves Emergency Medical Systems with a machine-learning-based solution. This tool can be accessed for assisted coding or auditing, customized as per deployment ease. It helps you solve the challenge of finding well-trained and certified full-time coders and improves their coding accuracy in a cost-effective and secure way.
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Make your emergency department more efficient and free up resources to focus on healthcare with ApexED - our AI-powered revenue cycle management platform that can automate your coding and auditing for accurate and effective billing
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Designed to reflect a synergy between advanced technology, precise processes, and human understanding of our customers' needs, the ApexClaims platform helps payers avoid overpayments and reduce avoidable manual touches during adjudication  
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Image and Video Analytics

Our experience in data science and domain knowledge come together with our teams' expertise in industry-leading applications to apply state-of-the-art technologies in image processing and computer vision to unlock the value of your visual data and automate diverse tasks
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How We’ve Led Our Customers To The Vertex



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises unlock greater efficiency from their processes.


An EMS Firm Makes Coding and Processing Time 4x Faster

Learn how we helped an emergency medical services company create an API-enabled web application to automate their coding processes to deliver 95% accuracy and 4x faster processing time


Healthcare Revenue Management Firm Reduces Denials by 95%

Discover how we helped a healthcare firm save costs and reduce denials with an RPA-enabled claims processing system.


Automotive OEM Gets Accurate Video Labelling for Autonomous Vehicles

Find out how Apexon helped Germany's most well-known automotive OEM drive more value in the smart mobility sector with video labelling


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