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Leverage the expert competencies of Apexon’s Analytics and Insights Studio teams to make AI-powered platforms perform your most complex tasks. Plug revenue leakages, improve productivity, and make insightful and accurate decisions with our proprietary platforms.


Our ApexEMS platform serves Emergency Medical Systems with a machine-learning-based solution. This tool can be accessed for assisted coding or auditing, customized as per deployment ease. It helps you solve the challenge of finding well-trained and certified full-time coders and improves their coding accuracy in a cost-effective and secure way.
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Make your emergency department more efficient and free up resources to focus on healthcare with ApexED - our AI-powered revenue cycle management platform that can automate your coding and auditing for accurate and effective billing
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Designed to reflect a synergy between advanced technology, precise processes, and human understanding of our customers' needs, the ApexClaims platform helps payers avoid overpayments and reduce avoidable manual touches during the adjudication  
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The CXWatch Platform helps you understand the key aspects of your customers’ journeys and improve customer experience through advanced ML and data analytics for end-to-end analysis of data collected from all customer touchpoints. Built-in sentiment analysis and predictive intelligence drive enhancement in customer satisfaction and customer experience.
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Turn anomalies into opportunities for improving your business with our anomaly detection platform, EdgeDetect. It scans through millions of data sets using ML and proactively identifies abnormal patterns to help prevent such anomalies going forward, along with aiding in insightful decision-making and timely intervention.
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Accurately forecast future trends in consumer behavior, preferences, and the market using IntelPredict. This self-learning multi ML model-based platform refines predictions over time and empowers you to plan ahead with timely alerts.
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Primarily for healthcare insurance companies, PayAssure uses advanced ML algorithms to verify the validity of claims, detect fraudulent ones, and flag errors, discrepancies, and duplication. This helps reduce manual processing errors and significantly improves the payer efficiency with timely audit of payment and advanced claims monitoring.
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Our advanced AI-based conversational engine helps you go one step further than chatbots and IVRs in engaging with customers. The TalkAtive platform is context-aware and responsive and uses NLU Engines and analytics to visualize conversation and create conversational flow mind maps, so you can personalize user experience.
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VizSense, our visual analytics platform, applies advanced ML deep learning algorithms to provide an entire suite of functionalities for all your computer vision application needs - from live video feeds processing, real time sorting, and access control to integrating pre-trained models, video based intelligence extraction, and BI reports.
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XtractIQ extracts data through automated document processing using a combination of NLP, OCR and ML. The solution handles multiple languages, processes various types of documents - from hand written notes to emails and files, and integrates with legacy CRMs and ERPs to deliver actionable intelligence for super-fast decision making.
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How We’ve Led Our Customers To The Vertex



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises unlock greater efficiency from their processes.

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A Financial Services Company Automates 50% of Their Form Processing

Discover how we helped a large Financial Services company automate 50% of reviewing written feedback using intelligent character recognition techniques

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A Physicians’ Group Improves Coding Productivity by 40%

Discover how we helped a large physician group in the US embed an ML-based application into their workflow to improve the productivity of coding by 40%

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EMS Billing Company Improves Turnaround Time by 60%

Discover how we helped the most extensive emergency medical services billing company in the US use ML techniques to automate claim generation and improve productivity and TAT by 60%

Use case image

A Healthcare Payer Generates Savings of $1.5M

Discover how we helped a healthcare payer in the US implement automation and advanced analytics to improve financial accuracy to 99.7%, thus generating savings of $1.5M per annum as overpayment avoidance


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