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IntelPredict is a solution-agnostic tool that quickly forecasts trends in your changing data sets, automates forecast processes, and provides proactive monitoring of changing customer needs.

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Be future-ready with accurate forecasts

Enhance the accuracy of your forecasts by leveraging advanced ML capabilities to understand trends, predict and plan changes, and integrate this information in your plans across all business aspects - from product demand and inventory planning to personnel management and other operating fields.

Multiple suits of ML models in action

IntelPredict provides for multiple suites of ML models available for training and validation. It enables consistent learning and sustained improvement in the accuracy of forecasts over time.

Automated, alert, and optimized for improved performance

IntelPredict enables auto-detection of the univariate and multivariate frameworks and hyperparameter optimization for your specific business needs. It leverages its data exploration and visualization functionality to deliver highly accurate forecasts. It also alerts you to forecast numbers, ensuring you get the right information at the right time.

Robust multi-series forecasting

IntelPredict provides you with automated multi-series forecasting capabilities powered by advanced ML algorithms. It leverages advanced ensemble techniques to make forecasts stronger over time.

Simplified and easy to use analysis

IntelPredict allows users to drag and drop the dataset on its interface to initiate the analysis. The tool also provides easy-to-read reports that can easily be exported to share forecast numbers.

Make intelligent predictions everyday

Drive stronger decisions with a continuously learning prediction tool that delivers highly accurate forecasts and insights into the changing needs and preferences of the marketplace.



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon provides accurate and real-time forecasts to augments your abilities across domains - from understanding drivers in your sales environment to building appropriate influences into demand forecasting.

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Sales forecasting for businesses

Sales forecasting is essential as it enables organizations to plan for both their workforce requirements and income expectations. IntelPredict’s time series forecasting engine is used to establish benchmarks and quantify the incremental implications of new projects, allocate resources in response to anticipated demand, and predict future budgets.

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Call volume prediction

Call centers need to accurately forecast how many agents will be required to handle contact volume, but call volume forecasting is difficult as trends tend to change frequently. The forecasted values generated by our solution assist businesses in predicting expected peak call volumes in a day, allowing an organization to plan and deploy its staff accordingly.

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Inventory management

IntelPredict's time series forecasting engine enables you to anticipate future sales and its impact on your inventory. The solution provides the flexibility you demand by accounting for uncommon situations, helping you meet customer demands by aligning forecasting demand and storage constraints.

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Stock market forecasting

IntelPredict forecasts future stock values for targeted companies by tracking the movement of selected data points, such as the security price, over a set period. Data points are also captured at regular intervals to anticipate future fluctuations.


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