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Leverage Conversational AI and Sentiment Analysis to create a personalized user experience by enabling natural conversations with your customers.

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Let technology do the talking for you

Enable human-like engagement with your customers with conversational AI. Our solutions leverage sentiment analysis and AI to create intuitive virtual assistants capable of carrying out natural, responsive, and contextual conversations.

Solution Management

We integrate the underlying technology to unify disparate systems for greater interoperability. Enable efficient and continuous service orchestration based on AI, analytics, and consistent feedback.

Data Channeling

Create an automated system of data ingestion and authorization from multiple sources to enable smooth API handling, cross-channel contextualization, and auto-formatting of messages based on different channels.

Analytics and Insights

Leverage advance NLU Engines and analytics to understand the flow of conversation with smart visualization on customized dashboards. Drive data-backed decisions and create conversational flow mind maps using deep insights from your system.

Knowledge AI

Enable continuous learning and conversational evolution of your virtual assistant with advanced AI and ML models. Our solutions provide consistent data transformation for supervised and unsupervised training of the virtual assistant, making them more intuitive and responsive.

Conversational Intelligence

Drive intelligent conversations with your customers with the help of virtual assistants that understand context, intent, and the nature of conversations. Our solutions provide built-in features of context, multi-turn dialog, and intent management to enable a high degree of conversational intelligence.

Turn automated customer interactions into conversations

Transform your automated interactions with customers into natural and intuitive conversations with conversational AI. Engage with your customers on the platform of their choice and create highly personalized experiences. Our solutions will help you:



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises build contextually aware conversation engines to facilitate omnichannel, intuitive, and enhanced customer engagements.

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Customer satisfaction management for banking industry

Provide enhanced customer care with AI-powered conversation engines that offer 24x7 personalized support, ranging from financial advice and fraud prevention to compliance monitoring and client engagement.

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Personalized healthcare services for patients

Get insights into claims enrolment and adverse event reporting space for better payer experiences. Providers can offer highly personalized and comprehensive healthcare services including appointment scheduling, patient screening, post-treatment engagement, and managing medication effectiveness.

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Customer service enhancement

TalkAtIve seamlessly aligns with human customer care executives and interacts with customers. It detects customer satisfaction levels and proactively lends itself to manual intervention in case of escalation.

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Insights generation and customer engagement for auto industry

Unlock deep insights into customer preferences, conduct competitive and brand sentiment analysis, and offer enhanced service, maintenance, and driving experiences to customers.


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