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Overcome the challenges in unstructured data processing to reduce cost, improve productivity, and enrich experiences

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Make Information Overload a Thing of the Past

XtractIQ is an AI-based solution that detects and interprets the content and structures of documents and singles out the data that is relevant to your business. It can effectively recognize patterns and extract intelligence in a range of forms and templates. By blending advanced technologies like OCR, ML, NLP, and computer vision, XtractIQ can convert unstructured data into actionable ones, generate inferences, and give you a headway towards hyper-automation.

Data extraction and classification

Extract and classify data from multilingual, structured, semi-structured, and/or unstructured documents such as emails, contracts, free-flowing text, etc.

Generating inferences from extracted data

XtractIQ efficiently generates inferences from the extracted data to provide crucial information in a structured manner enabling you to make the right decisions across multiple business processes


Establish seamless interoperability with different legacy enterprise applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

Monitoring and security

Scan and track various documents with different complexities with accuracy and confidentiality while drawing insights

Human-machine synergy with NLP

Enable self-learning capabilities with XtractIQ, which leverages manual verification as feedback using inbuilt ML capabilities

Image preprocessing

Get the benefit of auto-crop, background editor, and noise reduction to improve the data quality

Document classification

Undertake ML-driven automatic classification and sorting of incoming documents with ease

Combat the flood of data with XtractIQ

Extract and organize information from complicated content in any document format using complex document processing to get the 360° view of your organization for improved decision-making



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps lay the foundation of hyper-automation through extracting data from unstructured data sources and generating inferences for decision-making

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Streamline manual workflows for insurance

XtractIQ can help lower manual intervention in the insurance sector through recognition and processing of handwritten/printed payment forms, KYC documents, invoices, claims, checks, etc. while automating the underwriting review

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Extract data from diverse healthcare reports and auto-code them

XtractIQ can help healthcare providers extract data from medical reports, ePCR reports, and narrative complaints, including symptoms, diagnosis, and procedures. It can then predict ICD, MIPS, Modifiers, and LOS codes based on the extracted information

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Transform customer service with untapped intelligence

Call quality rating and sentiment analysis becomes a piece of cake with XtractIQ extracting relevant data from recorded calls using voice to text algorithms and scoring the agent performance to enhance customer satisfaction

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Augment telecom operations with error-free automation

XtractIQ can single-handedly process proof-of-delivery information, custom declarations, driver logs and maintenance logs to add quality, speed, and efficiency to telecom operations


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