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Digital Drives Higher User Expectations

Unfortunately, most enterprises experience application outages several times a month. The impact to customer satisfaction, employee productivity and profitability can be significant.
The reasons are many:

Pre-production testing can’t account for all potential performance issues

Production environments present an infinite number of performance variables

New digital technologies introduce a whole new variety of bottlenecks

Apexon – Performance Engineering & Monitoring Services for the Complete Digital User Experience

Apexon offers full lifecycle services specifically designed to manage and mitigate the performance risks involved with mission-critical digital applications. We equip you to identify potential problems in pre-production, tune parameters for maximum performance in production, and capacity plan for application infrastructure.

End-User app performance management

End-User app performance management based on service-level agreements

Complete infrastructure assessment

Complete infrastructure assessment with understanding of resources associated with each application

Test planning and resource requirement analysis

Test planning and resource requirement analysis, use case analysis, and performance scenario definition

Test data creation and environment

Test data creation and environment setup with consideration of network performance

Automation of performance test scenarios

Automation of performance test scenarios using tools

Test monitor setup

Test monitor setup, test execution and results analysis

Tuning the performance parameters for web

Tuning the performance parameters for web, application, OS, and database servers

A Proven Process & Methodology That Delivers Results

Our performance engineering & monitoring services provide end-end digital assurance to reduce operational costs, accelerate time to market, and increase application service levels.

Define & Design
Define & Design
  • Performance test plan
  • Risk mitigation plan
Develop & Baseline
  • Performance test scripts and baseline report
Test & Tune
  • Performance test execution report
Certify & Deploy
  • Capacity plan
  • Monitoring parameters

Industry-Leading Performance Engineering & Monitoring Tools & Technologies

Apexon has partnered with industry-leading tool and technology providers to deliver comprehensive performance insights and assure the best possible user experience. We can help you take full advantage of these solutions to optimize your application performance.

Performance Testing

  • load-runner-testing
  • silk_performer
  • web-load
  • apache-jmeter
  • soasta
  • open-sta
  • the-grinder
  • mstte

Performance Monitoring

  • hp-open-view
  • bmc
  • nagios

Ensuring High Service Levels for Leading Enterprises

Cross Platform Performance Testing & Monitoring Solution for Hospitality Software & Tech Company

Apexon helped this client address key performance issues due to critical design and architecture issues.

  • Client had a customized mobile solution that facilitated cross-selling and upselling
  • Apexon recommended a single page architecture to enhance performance and memory management
  • Improved user experience and application performance
  • Netter performance helped increase cross-sell and upsell revenue by 10X

Performance Testing & Optimization for Global Wireless Location-Based Services Company

Apexon identified and addressed key test and QA gaps impacting application performance measurement and cycle time.

  • Client’s application was highly complex, preventing pre-production performance testing
  • Minor code changes created significant testing and performance challenges
  • Apexon provided 1-Click tool for cross-platform testing for multiple regions and countries
  • Ability to modify test scenarios on the fly; test devices in real life conditions
  • Drove 60% savings in testing cycle times
  • Reduced dependency on expert resources

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