Enhance your test/QA efforts with standardized best practices and processes

Digital Requires Consistent
Quality Processes and Services

In the fast-paced world of digital, enterprises face a number of challenges as they try to maintain application quality while responding to increasing demands from the business, including:

Inconsistent test processes across geographies, locations and teams


Under-performing test and QA functions


Sub-optimal utilization of resources, tools and infrastructure


Organizations are responding by internalizing industry best practices that streamline critical business processes and systems to improve delivery and time-to-market.

Apexon Test Centers of Excellence

Apexon partners with enterprises to build and execute their own “in-place” Test Centers of Excellence (TCoE) for digital applications. Our integrated approach incorporates best practices to standardize deliverable execution models and aligns resources and processes for maximum speed and efficiency.


Support for critical business requirements

Apexon is equipped to help clients build specific TCoEs that support specific use cases and needs.
These include:
  • Test Automation Assessment and ROI Analysis
  • Test Automation Tool Evaluation & Recommendations
  • Automated Regression Testing
  • Selenium Testing
  • Test Automation Framework Implementation
  • Test Automation Scripting and Execution
  • AI-Powered Testing

Incorporating leading testing tools and platforms

Apexon also incorporates industry-leading test and QA tools into each TCoE based on careful evaluation of each organization’s specific needs and requirements.

This is based on our extensive hands-on experience with these tools including:

  • qmetry
  • cloud-bees
  • jenkins
  • bamboo
  • astute
  • cucumber
  • selenium
  • appium
  • headspin
  • sauce-labs
  • tricentis

The Apexon TCoE Approach Works for Industry Leaders

Apexon worked with a top five global financial services firm to implement a personalized TCoE and execute a continuous integration and deployment strategy to optimize test case management – all in less than 4 weeks.
Benefits and ROI included:

Faster feedback and reaction times that reduced cycle times by 50%


Continuous inspection and testing processes resulting in higher quality products and services


Streamlined processes enabling a 20% cost reduction


Delivery risk reduced by 35%


Standardized delivery processes

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