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No matter what business you’re in, digital is disrupting the way you do your business today. Organizations in all sectors continue to use digital technologies to improve efficiency and serve customers better. What does digital transformation mean for QA and Testing functions? Digital continues to drive IT strategy and makes itself felt in QA and Testing functions. The need to get products and services to market faster is shrinking the cycle times by merging QA into Dev and Ops. This requires an imperative shift from QA to QE model. Apexon was an early mover in the QE movement and has developed a comprehensive set of QE services including strategy, digital assurance and advanced testing services to help you get digital right, the first time. Having worked with many Fortune 100 companies for 10+ years, Apexon has developed a unique proprietary QE maturity model. Our experts can assess your current QA practices, determine where you are in the maturity model and provide strategic guidance on tools and best practices to progress in QE Maturity. At every stage, Apexon helps you leverage latest QE principles and best practices such as service virtualization, continuous quality and predictive analytics to optimize your testing cycles. What about IoT, Wearables, Smart devices? We understand that traditional approach won’t suffice for smart technologies. Apexon provides advanced testing services in an IoT lab model to help you prepare for new generation digital challenges. Apexon is your trusted partner to meet quality engineering milestones. We combine our expertise and experience with best of breed tools in the market to deliver outcomes faster. Apexon has also invested significantly in IP and innovation. Our propitiatory tools under QMetry brand not only provide you all the flexibility you need but also help you shift quality left, quickly. We’ve put our expertise to work for some of the world’s leading companies across the globe. And we can do the same for you. Visit us at s40886.p1615.sites.pressdns.com and sign up for our Free QE Maturity Model Assessment to experience how Apexon can help you.