Customer Spotlight – Caeden

COO shares on implementing wearables and the future of apps

My name is Skip Orvis. I am COO and head of Systems Development for Caeden. Caeden is a company that is pioneering the way that you use fashion first in design, and then adding technology to that.

Caeden takes a very specific approach, where we want the wearable to be part of something people want to wear. It should be jewelry first, and technology second. So, the jewelry aspect makes the consumer want to wear the device every day, and use it as part of their persona; but the technology behind it provides them a way to engage in things that they’re passionate about, like yoga or meditation.

As a startup, Caeden is looking for partners that are very nimble and easy to work with, and also that have very good standards and processes, where we don’t have to have a lot of overhead working with them. We engaged with Apexon to help us to fully test and analyze the performance of our bracelet product. Some things about Apexon we really like are their ability to be flexible and adapt to the changing things that we’re working on. Some things don’t go perfect, our processes don’t go perfect; and they’re able to react just as quickly as we are, as we go through the testing process.

The benefits of working with Apexon for us so far has been their ability to put a process around what we want to do. We have a lot of big ideas and crazy ways of doing things, and they’ve been able to help us to put that into a system that allows us to really test, and make sure that we’re not wasting our time or effort as we develop the Caeden Sona.