Customer Spotlight – VenueNext

CEO & Founder shares his experience on working with us

My name is John Paul. I go by JP. My company is VenueNext and my role is founder and CEO.

Well, really I have to say, we’re at the forefront of digital and it’s intersection with the real world. For years we’ve been working on virtual products in the virtual world. But more and more now, we’re integrating digital into the real world, and that’s exactly what we do at VenueNext.

I think we’re accelerating it by taking the sports world, that’s where we began, and kind of disrupting the stadium experience and how people enjoy a live venue. The cell phones kind of become the center of their life and yet when you go to most stadiums you can’t use it. There’s not enough network or the services at the stadium aren’t visible on the phone. We’re changing both those things and it makes a huge difference on how you can enjoy a live event.

I would say we’ve worked with Apexon from almost the beginning of VenueNext. We’re relatively young company. We’re four years old. But very early on, we knew that we needed help, that we couldn’t organically grow the company to do everything we needed. One of the things was this challenge was how do we roll out new venues, because we do lot of integration with all their systems. So your team shadowed us when we rolled out Churchill Downs to do the Kentucky Derby, so that now you’re able to help us roll out other venues without us being there.

At the same time, you’ve also helped us with our QA efforts. We never pay enough attention to that. So, adding your team has helped us a lot in the quality of our products.

Quality. You’re helping us make our products higher quality and everyone I’ve dealt with from Apexon has just been a high quality, high integrity person.

Well, I’d say the first one is a higher quality product because of the QA efforts that go on overnight in India on our behalf. But I think the other big advantage is, now we’ve got people trained in our system, so that as our business accelerates, we’ve got the ability to scale it to meet the demand.