Wearable Biosensor Testing Overview

Testing & automation designed for the latest wearable devices and biosensors

Today, technology’s impact on consumers goes well beyond entertainment, communication and commerce. Advances in biosensor technologies are enhancing the real world experience to improve health and quality of life on multiple levels. In addition to IOT devices, hospital equipment and smart buildings, biosensors are now found on many consumer wearable devices. These biosensors interact with human characteristics such as heart rate, eye movement, fingerprint, blood glucose level and more, to recommend actions or react to conditions.

The possibilities are tremendous, but if that data isn’t accurate, it can lead to big problems for the wearable user. Testing wearable devices with biosensors is very challenging. It requires accurate data collection and validation based on highly variable human activity. This requirement can threaten product viability, create costly delays in time to market and put brands at up big competitive disadvantage, and integrating human subject based testing creates additional legal liabilities and compliance requirements.

Apexon has developed considerable expertise in the areas of biosensor testing for wearables and human subject validation. Working with companies like Willow Pump, Intel Basis, Proteus Digital Health and Lifescan to name a few. We’ve developed a specific methodology with best practices and medical grade devices to help clients with healthcare, fitness and sport-based biosensors get their state-of-the-art products to market faster and with less risk. Apexon offers custom lab-as-a-service capabilities for a real world testing. Tools and best practices for protocol definition, human subject testing, subject identification and reporting, assistance with legal and compliance requirements, user testing including ground-truth validation, protocol execution and defect and issue identification as well as highly accurate data collection and reporting.

As a result, our clients are able to speed cycle time, incorporate continuous testing results into their development efforts, manage multi-region testing requirements and get more accurate results. If you are looking to streamline testing for your biosensor wearable device, talk to us at info@apexon.com or by calling 14087271100.