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DevOps Maturity Model

In the era of customer-centricity, enterprises can’t afford to transform only in some areas. The entire organization must travel together in the digital journey. Technology leaders have learned that taking the next step and transforming organizations to embody DevOps practices and embrace automation to streamline application delivery can help win in the digital age.

This maturity model is designed to help you assess how your organization measures up against industry best practices.

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Stage 1/10
What is your primary development methodology?
Stage 2/10
What is the frequency of your releases?
Stage 3/10
Do you have a separate DevOps team in your organization?
Stage 4/10
Are your build and deployment processes fully automated?
Stage 5/10
When are developers notified of a broken build?
Stage 6/10
Do you use any Continuous Integration(CI) tool to orchestrate your builds?
Stage 7/10
How would you describe the ability to scale your QA infrastructure?
Stage 8/10
Are your testing processes integrated with CI/CD pipelines?
Stage 9/10
Do you use containers durings your development, testing or deployment stages?
Stage 10/10
Quality in digital is all about speed. Are you able to deliver your business needs on time?
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