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Data Engineering and Governance

Unlock the potential of data with customized data engineering and governance solutions for enhanced enterprise-wide efficiency, accurate insights, and accelerated time to value.

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Enhance your data capabilities to match your business needs

Apexon’s data engineering and governance solutions transform the way you utilize your data by providing end-to-end customized solutions for your specific business needs. Build a smart data management platform to drive efficiency and accurate insights to unlock the full potential of data and enhance your data management capabilities across the enterprise.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Our enterprise data warehouse solution helps you build a robust, agile, and responsive data warehouse for your business to drive optimized data management solutions. We help you conduct an in-depth assessment of your existing systems and future needs, implement our data integration and analytics tools specific to your business goals, and simplify the data management process for enhanced enterprise-wide efficiency.

Master Data Management and Data Governance

Our business-specific MDM and data governance solutions help you create a strong master data management and governance system to organize, categorize, and localize your master data and derive contextual business insights with centralized data integration.

Big Data Engineering and Data Lake Management

Our BDE solutions help you build a centralized data storage and processing infrastructure, create a prescriptive road map to leverage Big Data, ensure privacy and regulatory compliance, and develop advanced analytics capability to meet all your Business Intelligence requirements. We help you build a robust data storage, processing, and analytics infrastructure to unleash the potential of Big Data for enterprise-wide use of insights.

Data Migration Services

Our data migration services provide seamless data migration from traditional databases to modern data stores by removing technical bottlenecks, re-platforming, and enabling smart utilization of storage to save costs and improve efficiency. We help you enable migration that addresses enterprise-wide issues of latency, data incompatibility, and veracity-velocity tradeoffs to develop an advanced data platform.


Apexon in Action

See how our data engineering and governance solutions help enterprises leverage the power of data to achieve business goals

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Increased data availability for America’s largest 5G network provider

Discover how we helped America’s largest 5G network provider increase their data storing and distribution capabilities from 250 TB to 1.9 PB and enable 95% data availability to improve their data management processes while reducing costs.

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Simplified business operations for a hotel and casino giant

Explore how we successfully simplified the business operations of a hotel and casino giant by developing a customized master data management system and creating business intelligence reports and dashboards for efficient decision-making.

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Automated the credit evaluation system of a leading financial services provider

Discover how we helped one of the world’s leading captive financial services provider and global financial services company develop a fully automated credit evaluation system, increasing system efficiencies, reducing costs and errors, and enabling enhanced services for their customers.

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Enhanced data quality for the leading global PSV solutions provider

Explore how we provided seamless ETL migration to Amazon Redshift and Talend to ensure improved data quality for a leading global provider of specialized Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions.


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