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Big Data Engineering & Data Lake Management

Build a robust data storage, processing, and analytics infrastructure to unleash the potential of Big Data for enterprise-wide use of insights.

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Make data work for you

Apexon helps you build the customized data platform that enables enterprise-wide integration of data, smart analytics, accurate insights, regulatory compliance, and the capability to rapidly process Big Data to drive crucial business decisions. Our solution include:

Data aggregation and ingestion

Our solutions help you build an efficient data ingestion pipeline that can ingest data in real-time, in batches, or even using balanced scheduling with minimal downtime lowering your infrastructure, maintenance, and time costs.

Data system audit and planning

Apexon helps you conduct a thorough audit of your existing data management platforms, create a roadmap for implementing an advanced data infrastructure, and provide you with prescriptive guidelines to leverage Big Data. Our solutions help you analyze, plan, and implement the data platform that delivers high-quality insights for your business.

Compliance assistance

Apexon helps you build data platforms that comply with privacy, security, and regulatory norms. We help you ensure that your data and business align with the industry's best practices while delivering crucial insights that give you a competitive edge.

Data security

We prioritize the security of your data and our solutions are SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, GDPR, and EU-US Privacy Shield Framework compliant. Our solutions keep your data secure with state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms that provide comprehensive data security during data transfer, integration, or analysis.

How we help businesses leverage Big Data to drive growth

We have partnerships with streaming data provider Confluent for real time data solutions and have capabilities in distributed data stores like AWS, Azure, and Snowflake that provide us with the business expertise and tools that can be leveraged for effective big data engineering and data lake management.



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps businesses by streamlining the data ingestion, aggregation, and analysis processes seamless, faster, flexible, cost-efficient, and secure.

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Centralizing asset and warranty data for a leading global retail company

Discover how we helped a global retail company collate their asset and warranty data from every business segment using logical and physical models and by designing data flow pipelines to a centralized Hadoop environment.

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Creating automated performance reporting systems for a healthcare company

Explore how Apexon helped a healthcare company ingest all the incident data, job failure, and system failure data to the Hadoop system and enabled daily automated performance reporting, along with executive performance tracking and application of proactive measures for critical or pending cases.

Use case image

Building automated billing and reporting systems for a top retailer

Discover how we helped the largest US-based retail store develop an automated system through billing-related data ingestion to the central data lake and enabled the complete automation of billing and reporting from this central repository.

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Reducing sales discrepancies for a technology major

Explore how we helped one of the world’s largest technological corporations enhance customer experience, improve the CSAT rating index, increase sales growth by 11%, and reduce sales discrepancies by 25% with our customized solutions.

Leverage Big Data for big decisions

Apexon helps you build a centralized data storage and processing infrastructure, create a prescriptive road map to leverage Big Data, ensure privacy and regulatory compliance, and develop advanced analytics capability to meet all your Business intelligence requirements.


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