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Data Migration Services

Enable efficient data migration that addresses enterprise-wide issues of latency, data incompatibility, storage utilization, and veracity-velocity tradeoffs to develop a modern data platform.

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Stay ahead of the data migration game

Apexon's data migration services help you modernize with a well-planned and executed database migration strategy to minimize the risk of downtime or the possibility of data corruption. We help you develop robust capabilities to improve inefficient data management processes, meet data storage requirements, promote disaster recovery, and lower the costs of server operation and maintenance.

Data Migration

While bearing scalability in mind we approach your data by creating an automated data migration system to process, analyze and map unlimited fields to your new database. We leverage migration tools to automate the application for the data migration process and reverse the appropriate sequence of changes until we reach the desired outcome.  
  • Migration from traditional DB to modern datastore
  • Migrating from On-Prem to new On-Prem store, Cloud datastore (Azure Blob or AWS Redshift), or hybrid Snowflake store
  • Examine and define the data to be migrated so as to determine the level of source information that can be included
  • Create a well-defined project scope that involves relevant stakeholders within the budget and resource allocation
  • Ensure the process implementation is successful within the stipulated timeline

Data Archival

Data archiving is an essential information management task. With volumes of data growing and becoming increasingly complex. IT teams face challenges in managing and archiving on constrained budgets. Our data archiving technology helps your organization significantly streamline the management of archiving tasks at lower costs and simplifying regulatory compliance.  
  • Archiving older data based on the organization’s retention policy
  • Archiving unwanted data into tape and vault using ILM tool stack-Informatica Lifecycle Management
  • Simplifying the task of archiving data to comply with a wide variety of regulatory frameworks
  • Protecting the data held in the archives from loss, corruption, theft, and compromise
  • Scaling up and managing the growing storage volume

How we enable modernization through data migration

We help you achieve complete data migration and build a scalable data management platform to keep your enterprise future-ready.



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps you accelerate data migration for digital modernization

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Creating a robust data architecture with efficient data migration solutions

Discover how we helped one of the world’s leading providers of immigration compliance and background screening services migrate their entire legacy data store by building a centralized data repository and creating a cost-effective solution to seamlessly support their growing data volume.

Don’t be late. Migrate

Harness the power of our unique Hadoop accelerators for auto file archival, auto purge, surrogate key creation, moving data to hive and file aggregation.


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