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Enterprise Data Warehouse Management

Drive higher efficiency in your business processes with contextualized data integration, improved analytics, effective data strategies, and easy accessibility to crucial data across your enterprise.

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Delivering robust, efficient, economical, and optimized data solutions

Drive optimized data management solutions beginning with an in-depth assessment of your existing systems and future needs and followed by the implementation of our data integration and analytics tools to create a robust, agile, and responsive data warehouse for your business.

EDW Data Modeling services

Evaluate your enterprise's database design and integrate model data objects and sets to receive actionable insights for effective real-time business decisions. We do this through:  
  • Analysis and incorporation of your business requirements and objectives in the data model
  • Creation of a scalable data model with valuable data definitions
  • Analysis of important time-based attributes
  • Enable data pattern analysis and downstream reporting strategies.

Data Cleansing & Transformation

our insights are only as good as the data you're collecting. Build quality into your data decision-making with an effective data cleansing and transformation process that harnesses the power of parallellism, smart job scheduling, and a variety of tool sets for accurate analysis. We help you with:  
  • Efficient and effective user engagement and user needs analysis.
  • Building business-specific Snowflake-hybrid models
  • Mapping source columns to target columns and using ETL tools to automate data flow on successive data loads
  • Generating time-effective fact tables of common aggregations
  • racking audit and data quality metrics, and data quality tests
  • Continuous user engagement to measure the value of data transformation

Data Architecture

We help you plan and design the entire data flow pipeline from source to target. Our knowledge and tools will expedite your movement from a legacy application towards a modernized architecture, seamlessly and cost-effectively. Our data architecture design frameworks are built for handling cross-functional concerns and can help expedite your journey towards a digital economy. Our tool-driven approach can help you with:  
  • Code reverse engineering to construct the current architecture from code
  • Static and structural code analysis for code organization and quality
  • Application health measures
  • Architecture violations
  • Ready-to-use process templates/frameworks
  • Analysis of the application code on different parameters like robustness, agility, and adaptability
  • Assessment of paid, licensed and open source softwares used and their licensing risks
  • Identifying the obsolete components in the application

Universal Semantic Layer

Universal Semantic Layer helps in improving business agility and cost savings with ease through controlled access to data to truely enhance the integrated ecosystem's capability. Data abstraction through a universal semantic layer supports timely, critical decision-making, as different business groups become synchronized with information across units, reducing operational silos and geographic separation. The semantic layer itself provides the business context to data to establish a scalable, single source of truth that is reusable across the organization, enabling users to access data across silos to arrive at a holistic analysis.  
  • Effective representation of data elements within underlying disparate databases and files.
  • Efficient and easy collection of metadata by the semantic layer during data mappings.
  • Drives reusability and consistency across all the information applications and business decisions
  • Minimizing rework and the risk of reports duplicating data by utilizing different codes.
  • Controlled access to data and an enhanced integrated ecosystem capability

Driving efficiency into processes with data optimization

Our solutions help you identify and build the right data modeling solution to create the perfectly modernized Data Warehouse Management platform. Take a look at our ETL process.



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps businesses aggregate data to create a centralized data repository for fast and smart analysis, monitoring, reporting, and development of actionable insights.

Use case image

American Telecom Company Builds a Data Hub to Take on Load of 2.8 PB

Learn how we helped an American telecom company build a centralized data hub to monitor performance in near real-time while taking on incremental loads of 2.8 PB

Use case image

A Multinational Tech Company Creates a Single Repository for its Global Tax Needs

Learn how we helped a multinational computer technology company integrate 26 different sources into a single repository for their global tax reporting needs.

Use case image

Identifying sales opportunities with analytics for an American multinational

Find out how we helped an American multinational design a complete Big Data Hadoop data store to hold 1-year of application logs. By helping store all unstructured survey and log inputs and aiding their analysis, we were able to reduce their sales discrepancies by 25% and improve their sales growth by 11%.


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