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Data Engineering

Put your data to work - derive real-time insights that help your analytics thrive

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Bringing Data Precision To Every Decision

Prime your business to take on enormous amounts of data from diverse streams. Leverage Apexon’s unique accelerators that help you handle your data’s integrity while also deriving its best value, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Data Management

Get a comprehensive overview of your data while also maximizing its capabilities in accelerating growth and unlocking innovation. Apexon’s data management solutions are capable of handling loads upwards of 2 PB through:  
  • Data Lake Implementation that integrates with any kind of database to create scalable storage with fast analytic model access
  • Master Data Management that helps businesses synchronize their master data, apply robust governance and compliance protocols, and prepare it for use
  • Data Solution Accelerators for Hadoop data services, statistical summaries of data quality, and fake data/test data generation

Cloud Data Warehouse

Go beyond product functionality with Apexon's cloud data warehouse solutions equipped to handle data of any size, shape, and speed with complete accuracy on platforms such as Microsoft Azure. We do this through:  
  • Data modeling to integrate model data objects and sets for the most effective and long-lasting insights
  • Data warehouse design to create a modern and unified data landscape for data extraction, quality analysis, and integration


Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises tap into the value of their data to drive informed decisions


A Fortune 10 Automotive Company Eliminates Data Errors by 98%

Learn how we helped one of the world’s leading automotive companies build a complete hierarchy management system to reduce errors in accounting reports by 98%


French Container Shipping Company Reduces Data Failure Issues by 75%

Learn how we helped a French container transportation and shipping company build a comprehensive data pipeline to improve data quality and reduce data failure issues by 75%


American Telecom Company Builds a Data Hub to Take on Load of 2.8 PB

Learn how we helped an American telecom company build a centralized data hub to monitor performance in near real-time while taking on incremental loads of 2.8 PB


A Multinational Tech Company Creates a Single Repository for its Global Tax Needs

Learn how we helped a multinational computer technology company integrate 26 different sources into a single repository for their global tax reporting needs


Insights That Drive Real Results

Informatica Mobilized for Your Master Data Management

Get the best out of iterative data quality management with our Informatica data quality implementation design that drives staging and governance implementation with ease and efficiency.


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