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Cloud Data Warehouse

Modernize your data processing at low TCO. Move your legacy EDW environments to the cloud

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Bring All Your Data Under One Roof

Take advantage of Apexon's cloud data warehouse expertise to navigate the volume, velocity, and veracity of data

Data Modeling

Evaluate your enterprise's database design and integrate model data objects and sets to receive actionable insights for effective real-time business decisions. We do this by:
  • Discovering new relationships between disparate data sets and smart schema building
  • Adapting to cloud data warehouses with quick support and verification of data sources and touchpoints
  • Enabling reverse engineering and risk mitigation

Data Warehouse Design

Architect a modern and unified data landscape to transform into an agile business. We can help you choose the right architecture and design that expedites your journey towards a Data Platform Digital Economy by:
  • Revisiting existing data relationships and mapping new schemas from all your data assets
  • Simplifying data extraction, quality analysis, and integration
  • Ensuring consistent data definitions and redefining data discovery search analysis

Differentiating Data Processing Through Design

Our cloud data warehouse pipeline design focuses on metadata to create data lineages with look-up references and continuous reconciliation and audit that can future-proof your processing efforts.



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises derive data-driven intelligence


American Telecom Company Builds a Data Hub to Take on Load of 2.8 PB

Learn how we helped an American telecom company build a centralized data hub to monitor performance in near real-time while taking on incremental loads of 2.8 PB


A Multinational Tech Company Creates a Single Repository for its Global Tax Needs

Learn how we helped a multinational computer technology company integrate 26 different sources into a single repository for their global tax reporting needs


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