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Data Management

Data is only as good as the results it drives. Unlock its potential with intelligent data management

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Steer Your Critical Data Towards Success

Gain a holistic view of your enterprise data to modernize, accelerate and maximize business insights. Apexon empowers enterprises to unlock the true potential of their data for better business intelligence, innovation, and lower ownership cost.

Data Lake Implementation

Derive instant business intelligence from data of any size, shape, and speed through Apexon's unique data lake repository design, which:  
  • Integrates with any kind of database, log system, and network switch
  • Performs custom integrations using Python-based APIs
  • Creates scalable storage, compute, and access layers
  • Provides faster access to varied analytics models as needed

Master Data Management

Create a single source of truth. Provide accurate, consistent, and complete master data to all the stakeholders. We do it iteratively through:  
  • Data profiling to understand the current data quality
  • Data integration mechanisms to consolidate the data
  • Designing an extensible master data repository
  • Robust data matching and survivorship
  • Seamless mass synchronization of master data
  • Data quality management through business rules to prepare master data for use
  • Data governance and compliance protocols

Data Solution Accelerators

Enhance the speed and performance of your data and kickstart your business growth with Apexon's unique accelerators.  
  • Hadoop Data Services like auto file archival, purge, aggregation, surrogate key creation, and data migration with reusable code that provides up to 40% savings
  • Data Quality Accelerators that generate statistical summary reports to assess the state of your data
  • Data Masking Accelerators can encrypt/decrypt at attribute or file level and also manage test data/fake data

Engineering A Difference With Data

We help you create a foundation for trustworthy and secure data insights with a highly-scalable system capable of storing, processing, and delivering insights from high-volume data streams.



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises harness the power of data to make faster and more effective business decisions.


A Fortune 10 Automotive Company Eliminates Data Errors by 98%

Learn how we helped one of the world’s leading automotive companies build a complete hierarchy management system to reduce errors in accounting reports by 98%


French Container Shipping Company Reduces Data Failure Issues by 75%

Learn how we helped a French container transportation and shipping company build a comprehensive data pipeline to improve data quality and reduce data failure issues by 75%


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