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Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Drive greater value out of your data with enhanced analytics capabilities to keep pace with the changing customer preferences.

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Extract greater value out of your data with enhanced data analytics

Leverage Apexon's expertise in data science and advanced analytics to create robust data extraction systems, improve the efficiency and organization of data, and develop the capability to identify anomalies, predict business requirements, and forecast future business trends with high accuracy powered by self-learning AI/ML-based models.

NLP and Text Mining

Apexon helps your business improve customer engagement through a structured analysis of natural language, sentiment analysis, and context awareness. We help you leverage our NLP expertise and ML models to:  
  • Understand your customer’s behavior and preferences
  • Improve satisfaction levels by making your customer interactions engaging, contextual, intuitive

Anomaly Detection

Apexon's anomaly detection solutions help your business identify outliers in a wide range of applications with custom models and unlimited applicable business rules. Our solutions help you:  
  • Detect patterns and anomalies in your datasets
  • Proactively make corrections or identify new opportunities that may not be visible with regular analytics platforms

Predictive Modeling

Apexon helps your business predict and match the evolving customer needs by leveraging our domain knowledge, cross-functional technical expertise, customized solutions, and ML capabilities. Our solutions help you:  
  • Create self-learning predictions models that enhance the prediction accuracy for your business
  • Make proactive decisions, be future-ready and engage with customers with greater insight into their preferences

Forecasting and Optimization

Apexon’s robust ML-based forecasting and optimization model helps your business develop self-learning forecasting capabilities keeps improving its accuracy consistently. Our solutions help you:  
  • Reduce implementation time to mere hours instead of months with our advanced drag and drop dataset feature
  • Improved forecasting over time with the ability to be quickly incorporated into any workflow to extract actionable information

Image and Video Analytics

Apexon’s image and video analytics solutions help your business through the end-to-end data preparation cycle, from collecting the data to design and deployment. Our team of experts helps you:  
  • Develop automated identification and labeling capabilities for objects from images and videos in real-time
  • Augment data and allow multi-class object detection and tracking to enhance the value of insights you drive from your data

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Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises unlock greater efficiency using advanced analytics capabilities

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Financial advisor predicts the future of retirement plans for 30 years

Discover how we helped a large Financial Services company predict with high accuracy the success and failure of their retirement plans for 30 years ahead.

Use case image

German automaker labels 12M objects per annum from street videos

Discover how we helped a german automaker accurately translate visual data into actionable insights in real-time, automate the labeling process for street videos with live footage, achieve more than 92% labeling accuracy, and label 12M objects per annum from street videos using our customized solutions.

Use case image

Asset management company analyzes churn to retain 50% of passive customers

Discover how we helped an asset management company develop targeted campaigns around high-value customers, improve CSAT, and help with early identification of likely churn to enable proactive retention measures to trigger and retain 50% of passive customers.

Use case image

A large payer group increased its user base by 25% using sentiment analysis

Discover how we helped a large payer group improve customer satisfaction leading to a 25% increase in user base, reduce development time by 40%, increase productivity by 60% using an intuitive agent portal and achieve 98% accuracy for assigned tasks leveraging call automation, sentiment analysis, and customized solutions crafted to address specific needs.


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