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Forecasting and Optimization

Forecasting made easy and reliable with our proprietary frameworks that elevate models beyond memorization towards learning.

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Predict accurately with a self-learning model

Apexon’s robust ML-based Forecasting and Optimization offering can be used to quickly incorporate the solution into any workflow and extract actionable information with improved forecasting over time.


Apexon’s time series forecasting engine automates ~50% of any forecasting exercise with enhanced accuracy through our ensembling framework, implemented with our 7-phased approach:  
  • Data preparation
  • EDA
  • Train-test split
  • Model suite building
  • Model suite validation
  • Intelligent ensembling


Optimization considers the use of various mathematical, statistical, simulation and modeling techniques applied to define the best result (most optimum) when considering a series of possibilities.

IntelPredict – Apexon’s Time Series Forecasting Engine

Generates accurate and reliable forecasts based on analysis of time series data blended with extra variables. Here's what we have to offer:  
  • Rapid custom model development with drag and drop of the data set on the web interface
  • Customization for any workflow along with automation, advanced monitoring, and automated multi-series forecasting
  • Multiple suites of ML models for training and validation
The core engine automates around 50% of any forecasting exercise. Moreover, it is built on an ML-based ensemble framework that makes the algorithm more robust over time. It provides:  
  • Alerting functionality
  • Export facility for easy export of forecasted numbers for reporting
  • Auto-detection of the univariate or multivariate framework
  • Data exploration and visualization functionality
  • Hyperparameter optimization
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Apexon in Action

Read more about how we help businesses forecasts trends and plan ahead for strategic business goals.

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Call volume forecasting for a leading finance company

See how we helped a financial services major understand and forecast their call volumes through enhanced ML models that are more accurate than traditional frameworks, helping them plan 3 months ahead of time and improve customer experience in their support functions.

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Cash flow reporting solution for an automotive giant to improve ROI

Find out how we helped an automotive major develop a BI solution for cash flow reporting, with the ability to slice and dice that helped increase forecasting and supply chain analysis by 61% and ROI by 34%.

Get accurate forecasting that assists better planning

Harness the power of forecasting based on an advanced ML model that learns over time to derive increasingly accurate predictions. This facilitates planning for the future with unlimited possibilities despite limited resources at hand.


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