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Image and Video Analytics

Simplify the preparation and analysis of your data for computer vision and visual AI applications with our off-the-shelf analytical modules.

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End to End Image & Video Analytics Solution

Apexon’s Image & Video Analytics solution takes care of all the steps needed - namely to build, label, train, design and deploy. Not only do we have pre-built components that can be customized but we also have a tech-savvy team to help design and deploy the solution - full-stack development that includes mobile platforms.


Our cutting-edge pre-labeling solution can replace manual data labeling efforts and address the issues of low accuracy, quality, human error, and time taken. We provide the flexibility for on-premise installation on multiple systems as well, and help you:  
  • Prepare your data for computer vision applications with automated tagging for accelerated and accurate analysis
  • Segregate and prioritize the attributes that are important for each use case, such as color, movement, vehicle parts, etc.
  • Automate the annotation of your video or image sequence with ground truth data
  • Prepare it as a dataset for deep learning and machine learning models


VizSense, our Computer Vision analytics platform, handles the analysis of multiple online and offline feeds at scale to provide actionable intelligence. Here are some of its offerings:  
  • A web-based platform for video analysis and reporting
  • Custom functions for business-specific object identification or detection
  • Export of video detection data for BI reports and analysis
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Apart from the core platform, we also provide accelerators to enhance the VA functionalities. Here are the details:  
  • Data augmentation and label generation accelerator for object detection: Capable of generating a wide range of augmented data along with box coordination and generating labels in various formats (Tensorflow and Yolo)
  • Multi-class object detection and tracking: Facilitating the API to add multiple objects for dynamic tracking
  • Custom API for pre-processing image dataset which reduces time taken for any project significantly

The AI/ML way to efficient VA and Image Analytics

Our AI-enabled data preparation and model development is unique in that it helps speed up the annotation process with improved accuracy and reduced cost.



Apexon in Action

Read more about how we augment business intelligence using advanced ML-based Image and Video Analytics.

Use case image

Automotive OEM Gets Accurate Video Labeling for Autonomous Vehicles

Find out how Apexon helped Germany's most well-known automotive OEM drive more value in the smart mobility sector with video labeling.

Use case image

German Automaker Labels 12M Objects per Annum from Street Videos

Discover how we helped a German engineering firm automate video labeling for their autonomous vehicle project to identify street objects and their location with over 82% accuracy.

Use case image

Labeling process automation for autonomous vehicles

Find out how we helped an automotive giant speed up their annotation process with accuracy and reduced cost to assist in creating their autonomous vehicles using a reusable model that can tap into new classes without increasing manual efforts.

Extract value out of your unstructured data

Take the guesswork out of handling your unstructured data that can comprise almost 60-70% of your total data input. Our image and video analytics expertise helps you increase the coverage of your data analysis efforts manifold, so you can derive intelligence for better decision making, automation, and security.


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