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NLP and Text Mining

Enabling businesses to understand human language better with NLP for enhanced customer engagement

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Transforming natural language into business insights with NLP

Apexon helps enterprises improve customer engagement through a structured analysis of natural language, sentiment analysis, and context awareness, leveraging our NLP expertise and ML models customized for specific business needs. Some of our offerings include:

Topic modeling

Our solutions help businesses contextualize their interaction with the customers using topic modeling. We help you:  
  • Create models based on previous datasets that can extract the topic of conversation, contextualize it, and learn from it to improve future interactions
  • Develop data in a summarized form, enhancing the quality of conversations with your customer and increasing efficiency in decision-making

Sentiment Analysis

Our solutions help you understand customer behavior and preferences through automated sentiment analysis of your interaction. We help you:  
  • Leverage NLP to automatically analyze the customer's comments, feedback, and reviews to help your business identify the customer's satisfaction levels.
  • Address gaps between customers' expectations and your service at each customer touchpoint, improving your business' performance across the spectrum

Custom Customer-Interaction Systems

Our solutions help you develop customer-interaction systems, such as a chatbot specific to your business. We help you:  
  • Use NLP to understand the business-specific context of conversation
  • Build on patterns in customer engagements
  • Enable continuous learning interaction models to enhance the way customers interact with your business

Entity Recognition

Our solutions help you extract specific information from unstructured data & documents. It locates entities in an unstructured or semi-structured text. These entities can be various entities from a person to something very specific like a biomedical term.

CXWatch – Apexon’s customer experience monitoring solution that leverages NLP

Our solution helps businesses enhance customer experience by integrating data from multiple sources, including NPS surveys, call logs, feedback surveys, social media interactions, and customer feedback via text. We help you do it by:  
  • Processing data for sentiment analysis, identifying and segmenting customer profiles
  • Identifying themes and anomalies in customer behavior to develop deep customer insights
  • Summarizing and visualizing key customer experience metrics
  • Discovering the correlation between different events and KPIs
  • Identifying crucial areas of customer engagement to enhance services

Enabling natural conversations between businesses and customers

Our solutions help you understand and identify customer’s expectations and improve the quality of your engagement by implementing a three-stage process:



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises handle their data with ease and efficiency using text mining and natural language processing

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Call quality automation using sentiment analysis to improve customer satisfaction

See how we helped a large payer group looking to improve customer satisfaction but analyzing agent-customer interaction using sentiment analysis to increase user base by 25% and agent productivity by 60%.

Use case image

Conversational AI solution for enterprises to connect with employees in innovative ways

Discover how we helped the HR department of an IT giant build a Q&A chatbot that could act as a virtual HR for their employees who were working remotely during the pandemic.

Enriching customer interactions through NLP

Enhance the way your business interacts with the customers by leveraging NLP. We help you understand your customer’s behavior and preferences and improve their satisfaction levels by making your customer interactions engaging, contextual, intuitive and specific to your business.


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