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Predictive Modeling

Enable highly accurate business-specific predictions to match changing customer preferences by leveraging deep learning and machine learning algorithms custom-developed for your business.

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Make futuristic business predictions with high accuracy

We help your business predict and match the evolving customer needs by leveraging our domain knowledge, cross-functional technical expertise, customized solutions, and ML capabilities to create self-learning predictive models that enhance prediction accuracy for your business. Our offerings include:

Lead Scoring

We help you develop the capability to accurately determine the potential customers' worthiness based on the level of their interest in your products and services. Our offering helps you:  
  • Engage with your customers
  • Get enhanced knowledge of their preferences and intent
  • Improve your lead to customer conversions

Churn Prediction

Our customized solutions leverage ML algorithms to identify the early signs of potential churn, helping your business take proactive measures to retain your customers. We help your business:  
  • Significantly reduce costs through customer retention
  • Identify possible friction points in the customer journey

Deep Learning Models

We leverage our ML expertise to create solutions that are specific to your business.  
  • Our deep learning models enable the constant evolution of predictive models that consistently improve the accuracy of future business needs
  • Our offerings engage various classification models, neural networks, and advanced self-learning models to ensure your business evolves with the marketplace

Propensity Modeling

We help your business stay ahead of your customers' needs by applying mathematical models to data that predict whether someone will take a particular action. We help you:  
  • Determine the likelihood of visitors, leads, and customers performing specific actions
  • Engage with your customers with a high degree of personalization

Learn, understand, and predict the change in your customers’ needs

Apexon’s predictive modeling enables highly accurate predictive capabilities for your business by leveraging customizable ML models implemented through the following stages:



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises be future-ready with highly accurate business-specific predictive models

Use case image

Financial Advisor Gets Retirement Benefits Calculator to Predict Over 30 Years Ahead

Discover how we helped a financial advisor offering online investment advice evaluate the feasibility of their retirement plans 30 years into the future.

Use case image

Asset Management Company Analyzes Churn to Retain 50% of Passive Customers

Discover how we helped an asset management company analyzes its high churn rate to identify opportunities for customer retention and improve CSAT

Predict with accuracy, plan with certainty

Leverage self-learning and evolving ML capabilities to develop highly accurate predictive models for your business to make proactive decisions, be future-ready and engage with customers with greater insight into their preferences.


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