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Data Visualization

Enable efficient decision making for your business with KPI-driven insights, embedded BI solutions, augmented BI, and simplified visualization of complex data using customized dashboards.

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Transform the way you visualize, analyze, and interact with your data

Apexon’s expertise in data visualization, analytics augmentation, and data management help you drive efficient decision-making powered by AI/ML, and develop intuitive visual platforms that simplify the way your business interacts with data.

Executive Interactive Dashboards

Apexon leverages market leaders in data visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, Looker, Plotly, and D3.js to create a set of domain-specific executive dashboards custom-made for your business. We help you:  
  • Build interactive data visualization capabilities, along with duration drill-down capability
  • Get valuable insight into the health of your organization and KPIs to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your strategic decision-making

KPI driven Business Insights

Apexon leverages the experience of our in-house Analytics and Insights Studio team, domain experts, and market leaders in data visualization tools to work closely with your business team. We help you:  
  • Identify the right KPIs
  • Deliver customizable dashboards across multiple domains to help you drive your business with intelligent insights

Embedded Business Intelligence Reports

Apexon helps you integrate business intelligence solutions within business process applications or portals to:  
  • Enable enhanced data analysis capabilities
  • Drive predictive analytics and reporting
  • Build interactive dashboards to streamline processes and improve productivity
  • Create business-specific capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated within your existing systems for highly enhanced business performance

Augmented BI

Apexon helps your business develop intuitive capabilities of interacting with your data using voice commands, NLU, and natural language-enabled queries. We help you:  
  • Leverage Big Data, data science, AI, ML, NLP, and data visualization tools to deliver augmented analytical solutions
  • Improve the speed to insight, enhance enterprise-wide data visibility
  • Automate operational tasks and implement smart analysis for your business

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