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Augmented BI

Enhance your BI capabilities with AI, ML, and NLP to create automated, intuitive, and simplified data processing and insights development systems.

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Simplify, augment, and automate your insight generation

We help you augment your BI capabilities by leveraging AI, ML, and NLP to
create responsive and intuitive systems that are easy-to-use, automated, and

Voice Interaction

Enable users to interact with data using English language query and voice based interactions.

Data Integration

Integrate with structured and unstructured data sources to enable users to generate insights on their own.

Search Feature

Enable dashboard with interactive search capability so that user can look for specific information or KPI’s without going through the entire report.

Predictive BI

Provide a futuristic view of specific KPI’s based on business needs to enable users take data driven business decisions.

Simplifying the way you interact with data through AI

We leverage AI, ML, and NLP to help you engage with your data using natural language and augment your complete analytics capabilities.


Interact with your data using natural language

Apexon helps your business develop intuitive capabilities of interacting with your data using voice commands, NLU, and natural language-enabled queries. We leverage Big Data, data science, AI, ML, NLP, and Data visualization tools to deliver augmented analytical products, helping you improve the speed to insight, enhance enterprise-wide data visibility, automate operational tasks, and implement smart analysis for your business.


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