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Executive Interactive Dashboards

Analyze, visualize and interact with your data to gain insights for efficient decision-making.

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Visualize insights. Drive growth

Apexon helps your business by enabling easy access to the most important
insights through interactive visual dashboards for your executives to get all
the relevant information in one place to make key business decisions.

Finance Dashboards

Apexon helps you drive key financial decisions by customizing finance dashboards specific to your business. Our solutions help you:
  • Understand crucial data, including business executive performance reports, ROI, revenue by sources, and eCommerce
  • Visually present key insights into the health and key indicators of performance to help you drive the right financial decisions at the right time

Marketing Dashboards

Apexon helps your business enhance the efficiency of your marketing and improve your ROI by enabling visually simplified insights of key marketing parameters. We help you:
  • Summarize, organize, and gain quick access to crucial marketing data for your business
  • Streamline your efforts towards actions that improve customer retention and reduce churn
  • Gain more customers at a lower cost

Operations and Safety Dashboards

Apexon helps you build operations and safety dashboards for your business to keep a close watch on the health of your operations and safety compliance. Our solutions help you:
  • Integrate the key parameters of your business operations
  • Deliver visually simplified insights
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Ensure the maintenance of safety norms across your business

HR Dashboards

Apexon leverages data visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI to create customized dashboards for human resource management within your enterprise. Our solutions help you:
  • Create HR dashboards that integrate the company-wide data of employees
  • Create a one-stop solution for understanding, reviewing, and streamlining the health and policies for your company's human resources

Social Media Dashboards

Apexon helps you drive more value out of your social media engagement by creating dashboards that organize vital insights of your social media interactions in one place. Our solutions help you:
  • Quickly identify the key areas of concern and strength in your social media strategy
  • Proactively leverage the insights
  • Streamline social media initiatives for enhanced customer engagement

Simplifying the way executives derive insights from data

We help you visualize analytics for efficient decision-making by customizing highly interactive executive dashboards through a 5-step process:


Drive key business decisions with easy insights visualization

Apexon leverages market leaders in data visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI to create a set of domain-specific executive dashboards. We enable business-customized interactive data visualizations, along with duration drill- down capability, for valuable insight into the health of your organization and KPIs to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your strategic decision- making.


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