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Visualisation & Analytics

Get a kaleidoscopic view of all your data, with actionable insights to match

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Unearth the Insights You Need to Plan Better

Get down to the conceptual level of data with smart visualizations and advanced analytics that feed your decision making and drive goal-oriented growth for your business


Create compelling graphics that lead your data's narrative journey to actionable insights with:
  • AI-infused Visualizations, including accelerators that integrate with your tools for predictive modeling, recommendations, mapping, and analysis
  • Natural Language-based Visualization, harnessing our competency in state-of-the-art voice and text-activated visualization tools to give you the custom graphics you need
  • Streaming Data Visualization to ingest dynamic data in real-time so your analysis stays accurate and relevant always
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AI & Data Science

Build AI into your processes to improve data quality, selecting the right modeling approach, tuning for high accuracy, and simplifying complex pipelines with our offerings in:
  • Deep Learning and AI to uncover context using NLU interfaces, implement intelligent assistants to automate processes, analyze sentiments, and predict error, fraud, churn, etc.
  • Conversational AI & Visualization to ease bottlenecks and implement interactive NLU interfaces with voice converters like Alexa, Siri, etc.
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Image and Video Analytics

Leverage our expertise with industry-leading applications in computer vision and image processing to get the most relevant and accurate data from your visual media through:
  • Automated object detection and localization in a video
  • Surveillance assistance on streaming video data using high-end GPUs and cloud computing
  • Image processing and computer vision techniques to extract key features from images
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Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps businesses extract true value from data.


Automotive OEM Gets Accurate Video Labelling for Autonomous Vehicles

Find out how Apexon helped Germany's most well-known automotive OEM drive more value in the smart mobility sector with video labelling


Engineering Giant Gets 95% Accuracy in Customer Service Automation

See how Apexon helped an engineering behemoth automate its customer service operations with 95% task accuracy

Extract. Extrapolate. Experience.

Our pool of domain experts and data scientists  –  with proficiency in Tableau and PowerBI  –  can help you decipher linear data and present it on voice-enabled dashboards. 


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